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Wave of new research studies underscores the value of ViewClix

  •   Jan. 9, 2017
  •  Senior living articles 

An important article was recently published in the New York Times entitled, "How Social Isolation Is Killing Us", (NY Times, Dec. 22, 2016). The article outlines that an increasing number of studies have indicated that more seniors are living alone and that has numerous negative effects on health and well-being.

The ViewClix Smart Frame was designed specifically to help families connect with seniors and its constant visual communications provide a great way to combat loneliness.

ViewClix Video Calling -- Overview & Tips

  •   Jan. 4, 2017
  •  ViewClix tips 

While it’s displaying its Slideshow, the ViewClix Smart Frame is always ready to receive a video call.  Unlike other proprietary video calling apps, the ViewClix mobile app runs on both Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.  We also support making a video call to a ViewClix Smart Frame from a PC or Mac using a web browser.   Here are a few things to keep in mind about ViewClix video calling...

ViewClix: "a wonderful way to keep in touch"

  •   Dec. 12, 2016
  •  ViewClix testimonials 

Jane lives in Minnesota and her parents live in Chicago.  Here's what she wrote about the ViewClix Smart Frame:

"My parents received their ViewClix frame this summer. It has been a wonderful way to keep in touch with them and see them "face to face." My parents are both in their 80's and have NO computer experience whatsoever..."