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Fighting Dementia with ViewClix

  •   July 13, 2023
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Maintaining a connection to family and friends is key in the fight against dementia and loneliness among aging adults. The U.S. Surgeon General states that loneliness can lead to a 50% increased risk of dementia and other diseases. ViewClix is the best way to fight against dementia and to help fight off loneliness. 

Powerful Features to Fight Back

Easy Video Calls: It’s well known that video calls are superior to phone calls when battling against loneliness in older adults. Users can experience facial expressions and emotions easily with video calls. With over 5 million video calls completed, ViewClix is the leader in providing families an easy way to video call with their senior loved ones. 

What sets ViewClix video calls apart is the ease of use for the senior. There are no buttons to press, no logins to remember, and no training required. This has enabled seniors of all cognitive and physical abilities to be able to enjoy video calls. 

Family Photos and Memories: Photos provide us a window into family member’s lives as well as a look into our own past. In today’s world it can be difficult to have meaningful conversations, but photos can help. These memories and new events are a great way to fight against dementia as it activates different sections of our brain when we see them. Family members will feel connected to each other as they know what’s going on in each other’s lives as well as be able to reminisce.

ViewClix makes sharing photos and memories simple. Family members can easily share photos to the ViewClix frame using the free ViewClix Mobile app or the ViewClix website. The newly shared photos show up nearly instantly on the frame and are easily enjoyed by the senior on ViewClix’s beautiful HD screens. Captions can be added to help orient the senior by giving information on who is in the photo, as well as time and place of the photo. These photos will act as a brain game for the senior and will give them a sense of happiness and connection to family. 

PhotoChat, a one-two punch against dementia: ViewClix’s exclusive PhotoChat feature is an effective tool in the fight against dementia and loneliness. PhotoChat combines the video calling feature and photo sharing feature in an ingenious way to help build a meaningful connection. Family members will guide the senior loved one through a slideshow of photos together while on a video call. 

With PhotoChat, families now have a simple way to have meaningful conversations with their senior loved ones. These meaningful conversations are crucial in the fight against dementia. Family members can discuss their latest experiences or take a walk down memory lane to discuss. Activating these memories is important to fight off dementia. 

ViewClix's innovative features are a proven way to fight dementia and loneliness among seniors. Wherever your family is on the dementia journey, ViewClix should be in your arsenal of tools to fight dementia. 

Join the fight against dementia and order your ViewClix Smart Frame today!