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The Easiest Way for Families to Stay in Touch with Seniors

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The ViewClix Smart Frame is always connected and displays a Slideshow with the latest family pictures.
With ViewClix, seniors won't need to learn new technology.  Plus, there is no requirement for seniors to sign up for an Amazon, Facebook or Google account.
Auto-answer mode lets a senior receive a video call without pressing any button.
ViewClix is safe and secure:   Only authorized family and friends can call a senior's ViewClix Smart Frame.
Family members use the free ViewClix Mobile App to easily share pictures and make video calls.with the ViewClix frame.
ViewClix is reliable:   The ViewClix Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services, the market leader in cloud computing.
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What People Are Saying

Nancy from Chicago

It is so easy to use. I love that you can put new and old pictures on it. I love seeing my grandkids that live in another state.

Bev & Rich from Oregon

I love just sitting at dinner, watching the pictures & talking about them. The frame is set to "sleep" at night and if I'm up late, I miss it when it goes off! We are so used to having the frame on & seeing the family.

Eman from New York

The ViewClix frame gave my friend Barb comfort that I could see her at night and talk with her when she didn't feel good. When Barb was in the hospital, I could check on her every hour at night.