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Introducing ViewClix Premier Membership

ViewClix Premier Membership offers groundbreaking new features with the same ViewClix ease of use and remote management your family and senior loves.

All features are offered as an add-on subscription, with a software upgrade to your existing ViewClix frame. The software upgrade is automatic and features are managed remotely, so there is nothing that your senior needs to do once you sign up.

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Instant Group Calling*

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays. Share these special times together as a family.


A ViewClix Exclusive!  Look at photos together with your senior to relive past memories and share stories.

Video Sharing

A baby’s first steps, a dance recital, a wedding video. Share life’s most important moments with Video Sharing, including auto-play feature.


You're just a video call away. Call-Me lets your senior request a video call.

Weather Forecast

Give them peace of mind with ViewClix Five Day Weather Forecast at the top of the hour.

Day Clock Widget

Help them stay oriented with our Day Clock that displays time and date information with the current weather condition and temperature.

*Note: For ViewClix frames purchased after February 12th, 2023, Premier Membership is required for all video calling, including 1-to-1 calls and group calls.

Frequently asked questions

No, ViewClix Premier is offered as a software update to your existing ViewClix frame. Of course, the frame does need to be online for it to receive the software update.

No, the Premier software update is automatic and Premier features are managed remotely. Nothing needs to be done at the frame.

No, ViewClix Premier features are managed remotely by family and friends. All features, excluding Call-Me, require no interaction from your senior to enjoy. Using the ViewClix remote for Premier is optional and Frame Organizers can disable the Premier features for the ViewClix remote.

ViewClix Premier Membership is $9.95 per month and will begin automatically after the free trial period ends.

Yes, you can cancel your Premier Membership at any time. Cancel by going to the “Account” section of the ViewClix Member Portal (

Premier Memberships can be restarted once per calendar year. 

No, only one Premier Membership is required for a frame, the entire family shares this membership.

Anyone on a ViewClix frame’s Share List can sign your frame up for Premier Membership.

ViewClix group calls are instant. You start the group call and the frame automatically joins. If auto-answer is enabled for your frame, the group call will automatically connect and start. Friends and family can join/leave at any time. There is no scheduling required, no links to share, and no passcodes needed. ViewClix Instant Group Calling is the easiest group calling ever designed and the only group calling designed for seniors and their families.

4 total people can be on a ViewClix Group Call. 3 callers and the frame user.

Yes, videos can be auto-played for your senior remotely. Also, our innovative Video Playlist feature allows you to schedule daily or weekly times for your shared videos to automatically play for your senior

Yes, you can share YouTube live stream videos to the frame. Playing YouTube videos and streams is limited to 70 minutes for each stream or video.

Nothing! You select the photos you’d like to view together during the video call and then you’ll guide them through these photos.

Yes, the Call-Me feature can be disabled in the “Settings” section of the ViewClix Member Portal (

Yes, in the “Settings” section of the ViewClix Member Portal ( you can change which times for the forecast to display.

No, the frame will remain in Sleep Mode and the forecast will not appear on the frame’s screen.

Your frame is covered while the Premier subscription is active and ViewClix provides free accident repairs. Visit our Warranty page for more information:

You can upload videos up to 4 minutes in length. If you have longer videos, you'll be able to upload to YouTube and then you can share your video's YouTube link

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