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ViewClix Customer Reviews

Welcome to the ViewClix reviews page. These are all genuine reviews from our customers. We reach out to customers to ask them to share their experiences.

Denise C, from Michigan
Thank You!
Mar 27, 2024
This is a GREAT product! It's easy to share photos, others can easier share as well, the sticky notes are so handy for reminders and it really makes face to face calling easy. Highly recommend!

Sonia T, from Minnesota
Dementia Friendly
Feb 01, 2024
I work at a Nursing Care Facility. I have a friend who knew computers well because of past profession. She is now in the care facility that I work in due to her dementia. I can’t tell you enough about how great ViewClix is working for her. She does not need to do a thing but sit and enjoy all the family pictures I have on there for her. Her longtime friends from Denver call and they can see each other and reminisce. I post music videos from YouTube that she loves to sing with. The post it notes are such a great feature too!! Her friends remind her how much she is loved!!
The greatest feature is she does not need to know a single thing about operating it. I set it up that when someone calls it just picks up for her. We just call her name and she just follows the voice and sits on her recliner and visits. ( it is facing her recliner so she can sit and enjoy the slide show). The great thing too is she loves telling people that come to her room about her family pictures.
It’s just that good!! The monthly fee is so affordable!!
Can you tell I just love it!!!
I think every facility should promote View Clix.
My friend isn’t able to use the call feature herself due to her memory but imagine all the folks that would be able to… how many would be able to stay connected!!
I wouldn’t have a single problem selling view clix to all around me…. It sells itself!!
Love it !!! Love it!!!
Thank you for making it so affordable and GREAT!!
I would suggest finding a computer mount for it. I don’t have to worry about it falling or being removed from the room.

Kathleen B, from Florida
ViewClix is an essential communication tool for seniors
Jan 21, 2024
My mother lives in Canada, I live in Florida. ViewClix allows me to put eyes on my mother every week - without her having to do anything. In addition, after we upgraded her account, she now is reminded of the day, time of day, and weather in her area every 15 minutes.
The customer service at ViewClix is outstanding! Every request I have made has been handled promptly - they have the ability to make updates to individual frames!! My mom now sees her weather in Celcius rather than Fahrenheit! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ViewClix!

CHERIE I, from Ohio
The best
Jan 12, 2024
I did my research on how to stay in touch with my Dad, and ViewClix had what I needed. I can check in and see him and he can see what I am doing , I have all my children join so he gets a lot of pictures and they call him and he can see all the grandchildren. It has put a lot of my worries to rest.

Michelle E, from Minnesota
ViewClix is Amazing
Dec 20, 2023
We bought ViewClix for my father who is both very hard of hearing and has no cell phone or computer. The best value ViewClix brings is for him to be able to actually see us when talking to read lips. He does wear hearing aids, but this is invaluable. Also, since he is not into technology this makes it super easy for him. The new monitor even has a call me message system which will be awesome for him to let us know he needs something. I highly recommend the product to everyone that could benefit from it. Last, I'll say it's a great value if you consider the price of other technology that accommodates the same features.

Dina J, from Virginia
Camera feature needs fixing
Dec 19, 2023
I like the app and service, but it is very inconvenient that you can no longer flip the camera in the app. You used to be able to use both the back and front cameras, but now you can only use the front one. It would be very helpful if this could be fixed.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for the kind words! This is related to an Android system update that has a bug, we are waiting for Google to resolve the bug and then our development team will be able to resolve the camera flip.

Tiffany M, from California
Love This Device
Nov 25, 2023
I can't say enough about how wonderful ViewClix is! It is filling a void after my mom had a stroke. She is unable to operate a phone and with aphasia impacting her speech, this device allows me to see her as well as talk! It has provided comfort to her versus feeling all alone. It also has provided me a sense of security being able to check on her visually whenever I like. She is loving the photos I've uploaded and the Sticky Notes! Everything in the app and member portal is super easy to use!
If it weren't for this device, I wouldn't have known one of the workers where she lives was being abusive to her. It allowed us to alert the facility to try to ensure her safety and well being. She will be moving and I will continue to use the device.
Thank you ViewClix for creating such a great device.

Cynthia C, from New Mexico
Creating a legacy
Nov 16, 2023
My Mom is 95 years old and aging in place. ViewClix has supported a connection to my Mom. As a daughter and family who lives 2000 miles away., we talk to Mom and Grandma every day with video and group calling. Twice a month my Mom works with a music therapist to sing her favorite songs,. Her heartfelt singing of many “oldies” in her off key voice brings joy as we listen and sing with her. We have used ViewClix and a cellphone to share chair yoga almost daily. I’ve recorded photos of my Mom on ViewClix , tap dancing to “Hello Dolly”. ViewClix is creating a story of my Mom’s elder years, a valuable story of shared moments that is her mark and legacy for my family. Grateful to ViewClix!

Hermeen S, from Washington
Highly recommended
Sep 05, 2023
ViewClix was a blessing on the days we weren't able to visit our father, especially during the pandemic(extremely hard times), when he was locked down in a rehab/nursing home, in his room! Where he had ended up passing away! We were able to check in on him when we were worried, or just to call through the video chat! When talking to him it felt like we were in the same room! This was one of the best investments we could have ever bought! He really enjoyed looking at all the pictures that our whole family had downloaded for him, and/or just being able to see us during a call! Now, another family member needs this. So I am setting it up for her to use. Excellent Customer Service! The support team has been amazing, in helping me through this transition & responded quickly whenever there was an issue in the past! Again Highly recommended! :)

Kimberly T, from New York
Best thing we ever did!
Aug 25, 2023
My grandma is 103 years old, for the past 7 years she has been splitting her time living with her daughters in New York and Nevada, but it was finally time to get her an assisted living apartment. We knew she'd thrive there but we were extremely concerned about communicating with her since she cant remember how to use phones or remotes anymore, we were also concerned because she'd spent so much time with family until now. I found this ViewClix and it had everything we needed!! Gram absolutely loves talking to us in the frame, she never feels lonely because she thinks the slideshow is us too LOL so she talks to the pictures, its adorable! My only word of caution is be mindful of WiFi in these senior homes, we often struggle to stay connected because they have terrible service. Not ViewClix's fault at all, get a wifi extender or something of the like to help. I can honestly say this is the best purchase I ever made. Being able to see my gram smile and hear her laugh from 3,000 miles away is priceless.

Melanie G, from South Carolina
ViewClix is a game-changer
Jul 27, 2023
I stumbled on ViewClix while looking for a basic digital photo frame for my elderly parents, who live in another state. I was so happy to find this product, and it has been a wonderful way for me (and other family) to keep in touch with my parents, who are both in their 90's and cannot use any type of devices. I "call in" to the frame almost daily and chat with them while they are at their dinner table. The face-to-face conversations are more personal than phone calls for my mom, who is losing some of her memory. And they both enjoy all the photos, which remind them of their kids, grandkids, and their own younger years. They always notice when new photos are posted. I also post inspirational sayings and bible verses on the frame to encourage them. (At their age, life can be discouraging.) The reminder feature is useful. So, bottom line is that I think our family has benefitted greatly from the ViewClix. It was simple to set up and has worked perfectly. Any questions I had were immediately addressed by their support. I can't recommend it highly enough.

P G, from Nebraska
good for the short time it lasted
Jul 27, 2023
It is a great concept and I initially had recommended to others, however, as many products today seem to do, the video screen quit working shortly outside of warranty time. After shipping it back for repair estimate, the initial email response seemed accusatory saying it was probably dropped or a power surge, neither of which happened. It was returned in excellent condition in original box. It's used in a facility that has building surge protection. A part failure was not listed as a possibility, which appears to be the actual cause. A quote of $120 to repair it was stated, which is close to half of what I paid new 2 1/2 years ago. I spent $16 shipping to send it, but have decided against taking a chance on putting $120 more into it in such a short time. I think the repair fee is too high, and don't like the attitude that their product is too good to fail, it must be the customer's fault. I will give another product a chance now.
ViewClix reply
We are sorry to hear ViewClix did not meet your expectations. The frame was purchased 1/11/2021, so it is beyond the 1 year included warranty. We did reach out to offer an extended warranty with our Premier Membership. With a Premier Membership, the repair would be free and ViewClix would cover the return shipping back to you.

Connie P, from Georgia
Connecting across the miles
Jun 22, 2023
The simplicity of the ViewClix has been critical, allowing me to call my Mom even though I live in Australia. In between calls, which are tricky to organise because of time zone differences, she loves looking at the slideshow of pictures. The pictures, with captions, also really help her with her memory. She loves being able to stay in touch with her family.

Amy  S, from Michigan
Great idea to see my mom every day
Jun 21, 2023
I absolutely love being able to see and communicate with my mom, the only issue I have is that I’m in a different state and a few times for some reason the frame stopped working and my mom couldn’t figure it out. I wish we could do a reset from the app. Right now it’s currently not working and I won’t be down to see her until August, kind of a bummer since I can’t see her and I’m still paying the monthly fee.
ViewClix reply
Hello Amy, Thank you for the kind words! We've reached out to you help you with your frame, there is a way to remotely reset your frame for your mom. ViewClix Customer Support

E. B.  S, from Missouri
Excellent Product! Excellent Company!
Jun 13, 2023
I highly recommend the ViewClix. We live out of state from my mother who is in assisted living and using the ViewClix is a fantastic way of staying in touch.
Not only is the product tops, but so is the customer service. This is a company that really cares about their product, service and customers.

Janet V  N, from Hawaii
Video feature a game changer.
May 23, 2023
ViewClix 10/e video is a game changer! It has enhanced my mothers life. The sounds of joy and laughter from our youngest family members now fill her home. The videos keep her entertained and very happy.
Video feature is very easy to setup and use. The pre-video tone gets her attention and gets her ready for the show!
Thank you to Customer Service, Doug B for your attention, care and quick responses .

June P, from Texas
ViewClix - Game Changer for Mother's Lifestyle
May 16, 2023
The ViewClix frame has been a game changer for visual communication with our 90+ year old mother who lives by herself and cannot work around devices allowing for FaceTime (Apple / Google / etc. products). We first added the internet capabilities to her home (with NO cost increase to her Spectrum account - thanks to the Affordable Connectivity Program - Received the frame, easy connection to WiFi and setup was a breeze. It is simple for the organizer to setup an account for themselves in order to add all of the friends/family's email address and provide instructions for family members on how to download the ViewClix App in order to send pictures, videos, post sticky-notes and have video chats. Unbelievably EASY. The monthly cost is reasonable and is free to all of the family members with the exception of the organizer. The enjoyment our Mother gets from seeing all of the pictures cycle through each day is Priceless. Mom tells us with every conversation how much she loves "My Picture Pad". There is a remote which is simple to use but there is really no reason for her to use it. First thing she does coming into her living room each morning is to see the new pictures coming through. And being able to put a sticky note on the frame has been very helpful to me as a long distance caretaker - reminders for any appointments or when a family member is arriving for a visit. We are telling all of our friends in similar situations all about ViewClix. Prior to our purchase, we spoke to customer service and they answered all of our questions. Most answers can be found in their FAQ section on their website. Since the setup of Mom's frame, there has been no need to speak with customer service. In a time when you can't be sure if this is "just another gadget" - we can assure you that ViewClix works. Seamlessly. Highly recommend this product.

Sharon W, from North Carolina
ViewClix has made a big difference
Apr 26, 2023
Several months ago, my mother became unable to use her telephone. As a result, she became more isolated from family and friends. Thankfully, we heard about ViewClix. ViewClix made all the difference in the world by allowing her to easily engage with family again. It improved her social isolation and brightened her day. She also enjoys looking at the "photo loop" which we update frequently so there are always new pictures for her to see. We have had no problems with the equipment, and ViewClix customer service has been excellent, returning my emails within 24 hours. I recommend ViewClix highly!

Christina G, from New York
Exactly what we needed
Mar 22, 2023
When my mom had a stroke and could no longer manage signing into accounts, I did a lot of research and found ViewClix. It's worked flawlessly since I bought it, and it was an absolute lifeline during the pandemic and later, after the loss of my dad. They're not the flashiest, but you can tell that the people who built the frame, the apps, and the website really know the needs of their customers and work hard to solve them in the simplest way possible.
When the subscription launched, it included things I'd been waiting for (video sharing) and things I didn't know I needed (photo chat). It was such a pleasant surprise that the ViewClix continues to get better and better! I've had to reach out to support a few times (mostly networking questions), and they're very helpful and quick to respond.
I would absolutely recommend the ViewClix to anyone looking for a way to stay in touch with someone who can't manage signing into accounts or charging devices, etc.

Jennifer F, from Indiana
How ViewClix helped us stay in touch
Mar 14, 2023
When Covid hit, my parents were in an assisted living facility and we (my siblings and I, along with our children) were no longer able to go in and visit with them. ViewClix helped us stay connected and see them and they could see us. We love the picture feature, especially my mom, to see everyone as the photos rotate through, we are always adding to it. Now that things are open back up, it still helps keep them connected to those who live out of state.
It is also very nice that once it is set up, my parents don’t have to do a thing, so no confusion for them, no buttons or anything they have to try and remember to do.
The only improvements I would like to see is a better speaker system, we added a speaker so they could hear us better.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for the kind words, Jennifer! For the all-new E Series frames we've upgraded the speaker system and the frames include powerful front facing speakers.

Lucy N, from California
So easy to use!
Feb 15, 2023
My family and I continue to love this device. Not only is it user friendly, but the customer service is the best I have experienced. The support center responds quickly, with efficiency.

Margaret E, from Massachusetts
Best connection for families
Jan 16, 2023
I live out of town from my Mother who has no access to a cell phone and the ViewClix has been so wonderful connecting us! I am the administrator of the controls of the frame and our whole family can upload photos in real-time so that my Mom doesn't miss anything! I can facetime with her through the ViewClix frame and we feel like we are in the same room together. It's fabulous!

Crystal B, from 
ViewClix vital link to loved one
Jan 13, 2023
We purchased the 15 inch ViewClix in September 2022 after my mother was moved to a memory care unit. It has been a vital link to be able to communicate with mom and view how she is doing. We had an issue with low volume from the internal speaker but the solution was quickly found on ViewClix customer support. Thank you Josh.

Janet L, from South Carolina
Best Thing Ever!
Dec 30, 2022
We bought one of these for my mom and it was a godsend. She wasn't able to use the computer any longer but we wanted to be able to have video calls with her. The connection in her assisted living room was hard with the Wi-fi but with the ethernet cable it was wonderful. Keeping in touch and seeing her daily was good for both of us. The slideshow photos were great quality. Sadly she died late last year. This was just before the multiple callers on a video call was available. We would have really enjoyed having family video chats as we are in multiple areas of the country. We wanted to make sure someone else was able to take advantage of this great product. A neighbor's mom was recently moved into assisted living and they are setting it up for her. If you are on the fence about getting one of these, get it! So happy we did.

Jeff B, from Michigan
Godsend for Dementia Patients
Dec 05, 2022
We purchased the 15" ViewClix frame for our then 95 year old mother who was confined to her assisted living facility room for better part of a year during covid. We could do the equivalent of Zoom sessions with no facility worker assistance.
Many family members send her pictures periodically and she watches them whenever in her room. We love the fact that there are no controls whatsoever that very geriatric person might find too challenging.
It also allows us to have a subject matter during otherwise tedious phone calls. With the video interface you use your phone as a window on the world for your loved one.
Overall we couldn't be more pleased with our ViewClix
Their support group is courteous, knowledable and responsive

Peg H, from Texas
Face to Face
Nov 18, 2022
Mom loves the digital pictures and this allows us to visit face to face with her anytime. A wonderful way to stay in touch!

Diane P, from New York
Very helpful
Nov 16, 2022
I love being able to check in on my parents to ensure that they are doing well. My parents love getting to "see" me instead of only hearing me with a typical phone call. The feedback from my parents is that they LOVE watching the slideshow of pictures of loved ones that have been shared with them. This device is well worth the money in my opinion.

Susan P, from Michigan
Love being able to see my 95 year old mom!
Oct 31, 2022
This MIchigan-located daughter has searched for years for ways to connect with her nonagenarian mother in Florida. All the other technologies failed because my mom never remembers the steps she needs to take to receive or initiate a connection using Zoom, Whats App, or other video communicating software. But with the ViewClix she need not do anything. When I want to see her, I simply show up on the frame. And if for some reason she wants to initiate a video call with me---no problem. She makes a voice call with her phone to my mobile number and no matter where I am, whether it be Italy, Japan, Panama, or Michigan, I simply click on the ViewClix app. Presto, we have voice communication with the phones and with video simultaneously streaming on the ViewClix frame and my phone ViewCix app. I consider it a priceless gift to be able to maintain these video and voice connections with mom.
When I once had a connection problem, customer service was very quick and efficient. I thought I had to buy a new ViewClix. But that was not so. They quickly corrected my operator error and refunded my replacement order since the frame was fine! Thank you for all you do to help us keep up with our senior parents!

scott E, from Georgia
Best Idea Ever......
Oct 19, 2022
My Dad can barley use his Flip Phone.
View Clix lets the family do video chats without him having to touch a button
Awesome ....!!

Michael W, from Wisconsin
Little Known Marvel
Oct 19, 2022
I heard of VIEWCLIX from a friend in California, whose mom was in PA. My, mom, 96 at the time was in assisted living in northern Wisconsin, and her short term memory was getting worse all the time...a different alarm clock was now unlearnable. But since with VIEWCLIX she didn't have to do anything but turn down the TV, it had a chance to work for us. And it did, but only after I added the external speakers. The built ins were just to faint for her.
The assistant manager at the facility agreed to unpack the box and set it up, connecting to the facility wireless. And I had thought to also send a power strip in case there weren't enough power sockets available...which was used.
There were a few bugs, like placing it so that it's camera "aim" didn't get moved when mom bumped it on her to the bathroom, but it has really been a Godsend. For the past 2 years of COVID my family has been able to videochat with her daily. And as a plus, we can all add family photos to the slideshow that runs whenever nobody is videoing with her. That kind of keeps her updated on family activities, even with a poor short term memory.
Mom has a bad day every now and then, when she just doesn't feel very good, so gets meals in her room. So, I started keeping track of strings of "good days", and today is day #28. That's a new record, since I started doing this, and at 98 years of age I think it's wonderful. But what else is wonderful is that I can see her face, see if she's happy and feeling good, and ask about her reading or crocheting, or check out her latest hair-do. And I think it is helping her live a quality life even longer.
I just wish more people knew about VIEWCLIX and that I'd have known a couple years earlier. The assisted living facilities do know about them, but don't seem to promote them at all. And I've never seen a TV commercial about them. Thank goodness for "word of mouth".
As for customer service, I've only ever needed it once, re the external speakers. They were very responsive. This is an excellent company, in my opinion.

Sarah H, from Iowa
Brings instant joy to Mom
Oct 07, 2022
I searched quite a bit for an easy way to send photos to my 89-year-old mother. Emails were overwhelming her, and she does not use a smart phone. These days, no one has time to print off photos, so that options was out. We looked at digital photo screens, but they too required the user to have some tech knowledge. The ViewClix is so easy! I manage everything from my iPhone and have invited all my family members who can easily 'send' photos right to Mom's portal (this is her word for it ;). This brings her so much joy! She has three great-grandchildren now and will sit by her portal all afternoon and lovingly watch the slideshow of the smiling faces of those she loves. The calling option is wonderful as well. With one push of a button she can 'answer' her portal and see and speak to family. We chose the smaller screen and it is plenty big, and has a lovely color and resolution. I can't say enough positive things about this device. Thank you ViewClix! What an amazing product!

Christina N, from California
So easy to use!
Oct 07, 2022
This device offers a special and unique opportunity for loved ones to keep in touch. The app makes it super easy to send pictures and make video calls. You can even post a not for you loved one. no buttons need to be pressed to answer the call or see the photos. ViewClix customer service makes it easy for you to pass on the device to another family member, when needed. Thank you ViewClix for making this device available,

Thomas F, from Washington
Great Product
Sep 22, 2022
This product has helped me stay in touch with my 95 year old mother. We are 2000 miles apart and with Viewclix it seems like we are next door.

Steve P, from Florida
It Changed Her Life
Aug 25, 2022
It is not possible to overstate the impact ViewClix has had on my Mother's life. She has been able to continue traveling with us after it was not easy for her to do. No matter where we are, on the top of a mountain, at the shore, on the water, when the sun is setting, hiking or at an outstanding venue we can share it with her through live video without her having to know how to log on or even turn on a device. And to accommodate her modesty we have covered the camera on the ViewClix device so she feels comfortable having live video from us without having to get dressed or fixed up. Something like FaceTime requires a person to know how to use a smart phone but ViewClix simply shows her our live video feed whenever we login to her device and the whole family can do it. It also allows the uploading of photos directly into her photo stream slide show in real time without her having to do anything. This happens frequently by many of her children and grandchildren keeping her updated on what they are doing when they are doing it. Bravo ViewClix for devising a device that only requires technical expertise on the side of the video and photo provider and not by the receiver. Every person with a relative in a different location should give them a ViewClix to keep them involved in their lives.

Sue Z, from Oregon
We show Mom the world
Aug 16, 2022
We got Mom Viewclix in the midst of a COVID quarantine. What had been a heartbreaking situation was made bearable by being able to see her every day. I've taken her on virtual gallery tours, through rose gardens and river walks, and to ocean cliffs. This enables so much interaction that keeps her engaged and connected!

Susan H, from California
VIewClix lifeline during COVID
Aug 15, 2022
My mother was hospitalized and then moved to rehabilitation for a 3 month stretch at the start of COVID. She was 97 at the time. Being able to check in visually with her was crucial to her and my mental state. During the first week of her being in rehab, the facility and I needed to arrange our schedules in order to hold a Zoom call with her. This was limiting, I discovered ViewClix and ordered one unit. From that point forward I had such a sense of relief knowing I could reach out to my mother at a moment's notice and see how she was doing. I was able to check in with her several times a day and keep her appraised of our life during that period and she was able to share how her days were going. It kept us connected. I can't say how critical it was for both our mental well being. Grateful for this product!

Brian C, from California
Aug 09, 2022
ViewClix has been wonderful for us.
My 97 year old Mom keeps her ViewClix screen right next to the TV. She likes to watch the ViewClix slide show during TV commercials. The whole family enjoys uploading pictures for her.
And it's great to be able make a video call to her too. She doesn't have to do a thing...she sees us on the screen when we pop up next to her TV. Super easy for her and for us. Great way to stay connected.
The only "issue" we've had is that sometimes there's a bit of an echo in the audio. Usually not too bad. And when calling the ViewClix from my Apple device, the video image of her is flipped on my screen. But again, not a significant issue.
It's easy to recommend ViewClix. I've told lots of friends and acquaintances about it.

Tom & Wanda A, from Montana
100 years old
Jul 24, 2022
My mother-in-law just passed away shortly after she turned 100 years old. The ViewClix was her connection to her family during her stays at both assisted living and nursing homes. She had over 500 pictures on her screen and knew what picture was going to be next and who was in each picture. She never got bored because of the huge selection of pictures available to her. Thank you for helping to make her happy.

colleen T, from New York
Jul 24, 2022
My brother and I brought this for our elderly mother. She loves the slide show . And it is nice for her to be able to see our face and us hers. Very easy to set up. Clear when talking to her. Great for elderly.

Melissa R, from Oklahoma
Game Changer!
Jul 20, 2022
Viewclix is our lifeline to keeping my parents at their house as we use Viewclix three times a day to talk them through and watch them take their medications. We have it set up in the kitchen where the meds are and being able to watch that they are getting pills out of the correct compartment is critical. (getting private duty help to go to their house 3 different times each day would be soooo expensive!) Viewclix is the only device that has drop in video calling that does not require any action on my parents part. I have the remote hidden at their house as one of my parents can't keep their hands off things. Literally the only way they can mess it up is to unplug it. It is so nice to be able to see them and any new concerns like swollen feet or weird rash. I can see without driving over and go ahead and make a Dr. appointment. They REALLY enjoy the different picture albums that we set up remotely which I switch around to keep it fresh. The sleep timer is great so the device shuts off and turns on automatically per my settings. I also enjoy being able to remotely put notes on the device with reminders for when I'm arriving to drive them to appointments etc.. I highly recommend Viewclix. We have been using this device (got the big one) for 10 months now. This device truly is a game changer!

Philip M, from Texas
So easy to use!
Jul 14, 2022
Once my father was no longer able to answer his phone, this was the only way we could stay in touch with him, and the video was superb. Other members of the family could easily call him, too. ViewClix brought great comfort and pleasure to him and to us in Dad's last years.

Bill L, from Wisconsin
Invaluable Investment
Jul 06, 2022
When COVID was rampant View Clix gave us the only means to see our loved one in the nursing home with no effort on his part. Seeing one's face tells a lot and it's a win win for both parties. We did not realize how much he would enjoy the ongoing slideshow to keep him current with family member's faces, special events and keep him connected while being confined to bed.
We have purchased a 2nd one for our loved one with dementia to put family faces and names (captions under the photo) to help her remember her family and extended family by name. It is very easy to use and View Clix provides helpful and timely responses to questions about the device and photos.

Peter W, from California
Thank you ViewClix!
Jun 30, 2022
I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for all who work at your company. Your excellent, and simple to use, hardware and supporting website has really helped to keep my shut-in elderly mother in touch with her family both near and far.
Also, I am sure that the slideshow function, with the many photos I have uploaded, has helped to keep my mom from forgetting the memories and family that has been her wonderful life.
Your product makes people happier and healthier at a very affordable price.
I wanted to give my mother every benefit I could during these hard covid years and you have helped me do that in important ways.
The value of your product has far surpassed my expectations and is well worth the price.
In my opinion, every person in a rest home should have access to a ViewClix.

Magaly R, from New Jersey
the best device ever
Jun 28, 2022
I have been very happy with the VIewclix. My 96 year old grandma gets to see all of us all the time. thank you

Lois M, from North Dakota
We LOVE view clix!!
Jun 03, 2022
We bought view clix for our mother 3 years ago for Christmas! She loves it and so do we! We can call her on view click and there’s nothing for her to answer. We just appear! We send pictures for her to see every day! We added just family members so it is very safe! It would be terrible to be without it Covid or no Covid!! We highly recommend it!
We are waiting for view clix to add video capabilities!
Lois Mauch and family!

Linda S, from South Carolina
Dementia solution
May 29, 2022
At a time when my mother began to be confused by the phone and how to call/answer regularly, putting in a ViewClix was a life saver for my siblings and I who lived at a distance. When she moved to a nursing home for more consistent care and was on quarantine, it was a mercy for her to be able to see us on the Viewclix.

Terry D, from Pennsylvania
We Love It!
May 28, 2022
We are so very happy with this device. It has made being connected to our elderly mother, who has dementia, so incredibly easy. We love being able to visually check in on her each day. We send her Post Its each morning telling her what her day will be like, who is coming to visit, and any other important info. She has learned to check it each day.
Also, your customer service was spot on! As soon as we reached out about a fuzzy connection problem, you troubleshooted the issue immediately.
What I really love is that there are no monthly mandatory fees, like many other elderly devices. Other options may be great for some users, but not for my mother. Simple is best, as she gets very confused. We wanted her to have zero worries or anxiety with this device.
My mother does not have to push any buttons to be able to connect with us, or get messages, or see pictures we send. It truly has been a Godsend!
I want to spread this positive review so that other families looking for an easy, affordable way to keep in visual touch with a loved one, can do so. We are very thankful for this device.

Hermeen S, from Washington
ViewClix Review
May 18, 2022
I can't imagine not having ViewClix! My Father is in a Nursing Home, having ViewClix has been a blessing, especially during the Covid pandemic.
When we are not able to be with our father in person, we can check up on him to make sure he is doing ok!
The only thing that I feel needs improvement, is the speaker system. Like having it built into the frame. My father and or the nursing staff will move the ViewClix Screen sometimes and the speaker falls off the table and just hangs there, the cord has separated from its stand at times, then we have to try and reattach it. Has there been any upgrades to the speaker system?
ViewClix reply
Thank you for the review, Hermeen! We are always looking for ways to improve the ViewClix frames and we've passed this on to our hardware team!

Julie P, from Texas
Glad I found VIEWCLIX
May 13, 2022
Our Mom moved into Memory care and ViewClix allows us to talk to her daily without any stress upon her. She enjoys the slide show. She loves when she hears the sound the video call is coming in. It is so easy to manage the photos. I got help from her community with the firewall so no problem with internet, so the slide show and video calls work great. It has reduced my stress level as a daughter being able to see and talk with our mom whenever I want. I have told many people about ViewClix and how grateful we are to have found it. I would recommend this product - 5 STARS!

Allan C, from Virginia
Love this device!!
May 13, 2022
When our mom moved into a retirement community and had problems using a cell phone we purchased the viewclix. It is an amazing product and made us all feel so comfortable that we could talk to her with ease. She loved seeing all the family pictures and reminiscing about old times. We live out of her area and this provided us an easy way to see her every day. Love this product and now have set it up in my mother in laws home.

Carroll W, from Florida
May 13, 2022
With my Mom turning 99 and Covid keeping her from her Friday Lunch Bunch, DAR meetings, and weekly hair appointments I was anxious to find a way to see and communicate with her. I was delighted to find the View Clix with a large screen and no hands on operation for Mom. The unit worked perfectly after we had WI-FI installed in the old farmhouse. But as Mom’s hearing got worse we found she enjoyed the pictures I was adding as much as the calls. So I began putting very old pictures of her family, relatives, and events on and she would even tell me stories of her life and about the relatives.
One of Mom’s grand children was being married and she could not attend so we found a way to add pictures in almost real time. She was thrilled!
As my Mom laid in her bed 3 days before her death my brother offered to show her the pictures on the View Clix but somehow he had disconnected it. My Mom then 101 said Carroll can fix it and as I came up the stairs she was alert and said here she comes now! My Mom loved those pictures!
When she passed I brought the View Clix home with me and now I enjoy the pictures Mom and I put the captions on that have been so informative to our entire family.
The View Clix has truly been a blessing to my family and every chance I get I promote this wonderful product.

Danielle H, from Pennsylvania
ViewClix review
May 12, 2022
I bought the view clip for my grandparents who are in their late 80s. It is great for pictures, everyone in the family sends pictures to it! The down side is video chatting with someone, the speakers aren’t loud enough for my grandparents to hear. Also, it would be nice if after so long the screen would go to sleep and still be able to receive phone calls. Right now, if you shut it off you have to turn it back on, my grandfather always shuts it off and you have to call their phone to get them to turn it on.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for the review! The Sleep acts as a privacy feature, so calls cannot be received while the frame is in Sleep Mode. However, we've reached out with some tips to help with the Sleep and to boost the volume.

Steve F, from Illinois
Great for elderly parent
Apr 29, 2022
Our 92 year old father loves to see and talk with his extended family but can be technology challenged. ViewClix was a great solution based on how simple it is to operate. Our Dad is able to participate in video calls with a single touch to answer. Quality is great. When not on calls he enjoys watching the continuous picture display. ViewClix turned out to be exactly the solution we were looking for.

Debbie B, from Virginia
Life Changing!
Apr 28, 2022
My mother who is 84 years old with late stage dementia is now able to communicate, see and engage with family members. She doesn’t have to do anything! We upload photos when we’re on vacation, we “drop in” on her just to say hi and I love you.
It has enhanced her life in so many ways. I was hesitant at first as were my siblings. We all love it!
Thank you Viewclix for enhancing the lives of seniors and their families.
Wishing you continued success!!
With gratitude and kind regards.

Tana P, from Kentucky
Connecting Great Grandma
Apr 26, 2022
We bought a ViewClix about 2 weeks ago for my 92 years young mom. She recently became a great grandma the end of December and we have been looking for something that would be very easy to use to send and her to view pictures of the great grandchild. This has been absolutely wonderful! My daughter who lives an hour away sends her numerous pictures daily. I was just over at her place and sat and watched the newest ones. My daughter also did a video call with the baby and great grandma last week and it was so clear and I cannot say enough how wonderful this is for her. Also it was super easy to set up which I did and am not the greatest in technology. Thank you!!!

Nancy A, from Missouri
Love ViewClix
Apr 22, 2022
I can't say enough about how wonderful ViewClix was in order to stay in touch with my elderly mom. One of the best features of ViewClix is how easy it is to use even with no computer/ technology skills. There was one particular time when my mom fell in her apartment. When my brother called her on the ViewClix, she told him she was lying on the floor so even though she was not near the ViewClix screen, he was able to hear her and get help for her immediately. I highly recommend ViewClix.

Fred A, from Virginia
ViewClix system
Apr 20, 2022
Great concept for tech-challenged individuals. Family members can visit with "Mom" and share photos of recent activities. Also allows us to post notes and reminders.
We had some issues with internet connectivity but their tech support is top-notch. They always had an answer when we called in.

Nancy B, from California
we love it
Apr 12, 2022
ViewClix has been a real winner for my frail 97 yo mom. She loves the slideshow where the family and a few invited friends share photos. It's been the best way to share the growth and activities of the great-grandkids and for my out-of-state sister to share developments around her place. The video calls have also been very successful and the ease from my mom's end makes it enjoyable. During covid lock downs, this was a real life line for us all.

RITA S, from Wisconsin
Best Thing Ever
Mar 29, 2022
.ViewClix has helps us tremendously with my elder dad who does not read and write. When he gets mail he has us call him on the frame so we can read it. He calls us if he falls and gets a cut or something on it too. We use it for everything. Being able to add pictures on it is the best thing ever. He loves talking about all 100 pictures on it with anyone who visits him. The pictures are his history. We as a family can add new pictures to the frame that he loves to call and talk about. He can be connected to all of us no matter where we live. This frame during covid and lock down was the best thing ever he can see us and we can still see him. He loves it and so do we. It was and is so much better than zoom calling because wherever we are even overseas he has a picture to talk about with everyone that sees it. Having a remote also helps because it allows him to search through the pictures and get to the one he wants to talk about. Highly recommend not even for just seniors

Don H, from Oklahoma
97-year old Dad loves his Viewclix
Mar 24, 2022
I am one of three sons whose dad is 97 and lives alone in southern Arkansas. One brother lives in Atlanta, another in Mason, TX, and I live in Edmond, OK. Each one of us is maybe able to visit Dad twice a year. That’s a lot of alone time! Dad is not computer literate, so he loves his ViewClix. All three sons and our children are constantly sending photographs that Dad is able to view immediately on his ViewClix frame. The pictures are crystal clear. We have the frame set to come on at 8am each day and go off at 10pm. We also love being able to call Dad using his ViewClix to see him live while talking to him. Everything is so simple! Once it is set up, you never have to touch it again. The really nice thing about ViewClix is that it allows Dad to stay involved in our lives by viewing recent photos and having conversations face to face. It’s the greatest gift you can give your parents (or children) who live away from you but want to stay close.

Penny C, from California
Best Gift Ever
Mar 24, 2022
This is probably the best gift I have gotten anyone ever! We got this for Granny and it's perfect that I can manage the photos and invites for her. The whole family sends pictures right to her viewclix regularly. She doesn't get out much at all nowadays and she expresses her appreciation and joy every time I speak with her.

Marlaina G, from Pennsylvania
Great Item
Mar 20, 2022
I bought a ViewClix frame for my mother when she was in her late 70s. She was still very active but didn't always want to travel & visit as much as she did before. This frame was great for her to keep in touch. She gets excited when the tone goes off to say she has a new picture - she says she can watch them all day. And we call her when we are the ocean (her favorite place) so she can see it from her house. The frame was really easy to set up & there was no subscription needed. Great product!

Violet (Jay) S, from New York
Viewclix is my Choice
Mar 16, 2022
I bought Viewclix for my parents and they love it. They can see the great grandkids and anyone else who wants to see them. It is easy to use and no extra fees like some of the competitors. I have no complaints.💯worth every penny.

Candace A, from Texas
Life changer
Mar 12, 2022
I got this for my mom after a stroke left her where she could not use her phone. It was also not too much before Covid hit and cut off all communication/visits. She has a lot of risk factors and was no able to have visitors. This gave her a portal to allow her to keep up with family via pictures, but also a screen big enough for her to see family when they call. Lifesaver for her, kept her hopes up and kept her from being depressed and withdrawn! So very thankful!

Kathy  W, from North Dakota
Mar 11, 2022
ViewClix has been a wonderful asset for my uncle in the nursing home. He isn't able to use his cell phone any longer so now we are able to have face-to-face conversations. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to keep in touch with loved ones.

Susan L, from Oregon
Best purchase for mom
Mar 11, 2022
We purchased this frame for my mom (86 yr) who lives in an assisted living facilty.. It is so easy to use and love that she does not have to push any buttons, etc.. given many of the tech products out there are challenging for her. Anyone we give access to can call her or share pics (grand kids, siblings, friends) It has been lifesaving during COVID when we couldn’t visit her. Thank you for an excellent product!

Angeline M, from Oregon
15 inch
Mar 10, 2022
This is an awesome product. Sure wish I would of found out about earlier than I did. My husband cannot speak so he just sits in his wheelchair and I can talk and see him without him having to do anything.

Maria S, from New Jersey
Perfect for Non-Techie Seniors
Mar 10, 2022
We purchased the 10 inch frame for my Mom in December 2020 as a way to stay in touch with family while we couldn't visit due to COVID. She has never owned a computer and was hesitant about receiving this as a gift. She LOVES it! Family & friends are able to upload pictures to her frame and she has done video chats with people from Europe she hasn't seen in years. It has really been a blessing for her. I manage the frame from out-of-state in terms of who is allowed access, the daily hours of the frame, and how it answers calls. So simple to use!

Walter M. P, from New Jersey
Such a great Product!!
Mar 03, 2022
My family is sort-of large (my 2 parents and us 4 kids, 7 grand kids, and now the first great grand child) and we are spread out over the east coast, New Jersey, Virginia and Georgia. My wonderful wife found this product online and it has made all those miles that much easier to traverse.
ViewClix is not just a Picture Frame, but a communication device on many levels. My parents could not be there for the birth of their first great grand child, but ViewClix made it possible for them to SEE her and to share in the joy over a long distance without traveling.
My father is 85 and my mom is 80, they do very little driving, so this has brought sharing photo's of holidays, birthday's, special occasions, etc. that much easier. All we have to do it send out "invites" to all the people you want to allow to upload pictures to the "ViewClix Frame", and the viewer can just sit back and enjoy the slideshow!!
AND....If there were not enough, you can also make "Video Calls" with it. So, when my nephew and his wife bought their new home, they were able to video chat with my mom and dad and show them around the home.
All in all and very worthwhile concept brought to life!! And I can also say that the Customer Service/Support is TOP NOTCH!! I emailed them with a problem with the included microphone and they shipped a new one instantly!! They are caring and supportive people who just want you to be able to see/talk to your loved ones whenever you want. It is a great idea brought to life!!

JOEL C, from Tennessee
Great during the pandemic
Mar 03, 2022
It's allowed my mom to see all the grandkids and great-grandkids when COVID was at its worst, she really enjoyed it.
It lost connection at times, but just having her power it off and on did the trick each time.

Daniel O, from Connecticut
Saved Difficult Situation
Mar 02, 2022
I purchased the Viewclix when my father was placed in hospice. Due to covid visitation was limited and I live 1000 miles away. The viewclix allowed me to see and speak to my father during this difficult time. I had some of the best converstaions I've ever had with my father.
My father has since past but I still use the viewclix regulary to speak with my mother. We purchased a second unit for my inlaws. I highly reccomend.

Carolyn R, from Idaho
Great Product
Feb 25, 2022
My mother loves her Viewclix! She feels more connected to family because she can see pictures of the great grandchildren even though they can't visit in person. Thanks to Viewclix for a product that works for someone that is not technologically savvy!

Chris E, from Texas
A much-appreciated product
Feb 24, 2022
My mother is 93 and is home bound. ViewClix has been essential in keeping in touch with her and monitoring her wellbeing. I can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is to be able to stay in touch with her.

Kelley H, from Illinois
Great Device!
Feb 23, 2022
I live in Canada and my elderly parents are in the States. I found View Clix in the Fall of 2020. I was able to see my parent's faces for the first time in a year! We were able to visit all the time through Covid, and my parent's didn't have to worry about any technical buttons and so forth. I loved being able to set the hours that the frame is on to discourage too early or too late calls by family and friends.
It's a great frame, and I love the ease of uploading photos through the browser.
I have trouble with hearing through the mic, and they had trouble hearing me, but that could be because my dad's tv is at times too loud.
Also, I wish there was a way to cast the photos on a TV or large monitor. We would have loved to use the photos for my mother's Zoom funeral for a slide show.

Kevin H, from Oregon
Feb 16, 2022
Mom/Grandma is 93 and in assisted living. She has no technical abilities whatsoever. We set up her ViewClix screen on her bedroom dresser where she can look at it before bed and when she gets up. Multiple children and grandchildren post notes and pictures to it. The captions keep her reminded of who's who-and how much bigger they've gotten. It is the best way to keep a tech-challenged elder connected in a way that is also convenient for how younger people routinely share their lives. We've even started doing some brief video chats with her, though she still prefers just reflecting on the changing pictures we post to keep her up to date. Curating the selections for her could not be simpler, and it keeps some connection going with family contributors that might not otherwise be as aware of each other's changes and activities. We found ViewClix when trying to imagine what kind of technology would allow us to keep better connections going across generations with very wide ranges of technical ability. We're very thankful that the best possible solution was readily available in ViewClix.
Kevin Higgins

Joseph B, from California
Wonderful Device
Feb 15, 2022
The viewclix device was a lifesaver for my parents during the pandemic. Our entire family was able to talk and see them during the pandemic. I think that the ability for them to se their grandchildren and great-grandchildren was something that helped keep them going. The device works flawlessly and is simple to use. I highly recommend it.

Irene T, from Pennsylvania
Worked great for my mom!
Feb 12, 2022
My mother is in assisted living. She has dementia. This video phone is perfect. It does not allow her to call out, which is a great feature for people with Dementia and Alzheimer's. All family members that I designate can also call into her, and see her. It's very easy to set up and use, and we have had not issue with it. We can leave personalized messages on the screen or multiple photos. It's perfect for my mom's condition. She really enjoys seeing her family through this device.

Michael W, from Minnesota
ViewClix Saved Our Family
Feb 10, 2022
During COVID isolation, it was particularly difficult to visit my parents in assisted living. Early on, even "compassionate" visits were not possible, and mom's arthritis made it difficult to hold the phone. However after very simple set-up we were able to "drop in" on mom and dad, even if they had misplaced their phone.
Plus with social media ever-increasing in difficulty to navigate, we can post our favorite pics to their frame nearly instantly - in fact when they weren't able to attend a wedding, we had pictures uploaded to the viewclix frame in their livingroom before we got to the reception.
The gift of being able to visit, even as mom's health was failing really improved the quality of life and perhaps gave us a bit more time with her before she passed away.
I truly believe everyone with aging parents should put one of these frames in their parent's home if at all possible.

Steve J, from California
Just Right
Feb 09, 2022
The ViewClix was a great solution to keeping in touch with my Grandmother in assisted living. Before getting the ViewClix we tried an Amazon Echo Show, but found it had too many features and privacy concerns for our needs. The ViewClix had just the right feature set for "dropping in" and sharing pictures which was all that we needed. Would give 5 stars, but we had some audio issues with the speakers that we couldn't solve even when connecting external powered speakers to the frame. Despite the audio glitches, this is a great solution - definitely recommend to anyone looking to keep in touch and check in on an elderly loved one and am thankful for this product. Everything else that we looked at was too complicated. The ViewClix is just right.

Pat L, from Minnesota
A life saver
Feb 04, 2022
We got my mother into assisted living 2 weeks before the lockdown in 2020. She has always been pretty tech savvy, but with her dementia, it was getting tougher for her to figure things out. We heard about this from another child whos parent was struggling. We love it! And more importantly, my mom loves it! There was a long period of time where we couldn't get into her place, so the only way for her to "see" us was with the frame. She doesn't have to pick it up or hang up. We created an account for each of her kids and grandkids so everyone can upload pictures directly to her frame. I just need to go in once in a while and archive pictures. Just be sure to put the frame across the room from any electronic device (like the router!)

Steve S, from Massachusetts
Pandemic lifesaver
Feb 04, 2022
Buying the ViewClix frame fro my mother was a lifesaver. She has been in and assisted living facility and no longer has the ability to work a remote or successfully navigate phonecalls. The family has been able to be in touch with her through the frame and keeps her updated and connected by posting the ever-growing family, with photos of all her children, grandchildren, and two new great-grandchildren. My only negative is that the associated app is barely functional. We connect much easier through the web interface; it's also much easier to upload photos through the web rather than the app.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for the review! We've reached out to help troubleshoot the ViewClix app since many users like to share/call via the ViewClix app.

Marla B, from Illinois
ViewClix is an invaluable LINK to Loved Ones
Feb 03, 2022
We purchased a ViewClix for my 90 year old mother two years ago. Who knew a Pandemic would be limiting time to share with my mother. ViewClix has been the best purchase ever!! My mother has not had to figure out any technical techniques-she just gets to answer when a ViewClix call is made to her. All members of the family have had the joy of visiting face-to-face with mom all through the Pandemic. We have been able to post pictures- non-stop on the ViewClix. Mom constantly tells us how much joy the slideshows bring her.
If you have a Senior family member, make the invaluable purchase of a Viewclix! Best gift !!

Ryan L, from New Jersey
Great product and team
Jan 31, 2022
Unfortunately had some issues while shipping the product to my grandfather in denmark for his 90th. The viewclix team were responsive every step of the way and the support was beyond excellent. We eventually were able to get a new unit overseas and my grandfather is enjoying it immensely. Highly recommend the product, but the support from all the staff members really impressed me most. Your elder will love this, easy to setup and easy for them to use it as well.
Great job guys!

Royce S, from South Carolina
Great for Older Adults
Jan 31, 2022
My husband and I have given a View Clix to both of our sets of parents and they love it. All of the family from anywhere in the world can easily upload pictures that are seen instantly by our parents. My Dad (87 years old) says that he loves to sit and watch pictures of his loved ones. It keeps him connected and able to watch his new great grandchild's special moments. Also, if he or my Mom are having problems, I can quickly connect by WiFi and make sure they are OK or help them with something. This is a great product. It has been a life saver for me since I live several hours from my parents.

Mary Lynn  D, from New Jersey
Love this
Jan 27, 2022
We purchased ViewClix for my Mom who has dementia and resides in a memory care unit. We were unable to visit with her for 14 months during the height of the Covid pandemic. The ViewClix system allows us to share our lives with our Mother and keep her connected to the family during this trying time. We struggled with the audio. She was unable to hear us on calls using the system. The ViewClix support personnel were amazing with suggestions. We purchased auxiliary speakers at their advise, but still struggled. She enjoys sitting in front of her “TV” with pictures of family and pets and enjoys the captions we add below the photos.

Shari C, from California
Joyous and life saving
Jan 27, 2022
We heard about viewClix from a friend whose mother loved it. We got one for both my parents and my mother in law. They love it. We got it just before the pandemic and what a lifesaver to help us stay connected. For my Dad, in the last months of his life, his greatest joy was watching the slide show. He pointed out pictures to all visitors. Popping in to say hello was easy and fun for everyone. Then when my Dad was ill, it became a medical assist tool. I could pop into his room, check in on him, and summon help if I saw him struggling and then I could observe that help being given.
There are many devices now that can run a slide show or make a video call but they just aren’t as easy or the screens are much smaller. My best friend also bought one for her parents and as I visited there the other day, I enjoyed watching the slide show.

Nick S, from Indiana
Great device for elderly
Jan 26, 2022
I purchased the VewClix for my mother who lives in an assisted living facility. She was on lock down for many weeks during the pandemic and we were unable to visit with her. The ViewClix provided a great way to stay in touch. Easy set up and I can control everything from my PC. Mostly use to send pictures. Don't use video calls as much. Mom can't hear that well. Nick

Kathleen S, from Arkansas
Best Video phone
Jan 26, 2022
My husband 77 yrs won't answer his phone let alone keep it charged. The video phone is a God sent. When I had to be hospitalized from work, his phone wasn't working. View clix worked great. He can hear it two rooms away. It's wonderful to see the pictures of our loved ones and to see them face to face while talking to them. As long as we have internet it works. Sometimes we misplace our phones or the battery dies. Never have to worry about that with View clix.

Jeremiah F, from New Jersey
Easy to set up & use! Great way to stay connected!
Jan 26, 2022
This has been a wonderful way for us to stay in touch with our 91 year old grandmother that lives an 8 hour drive away. Throughout the pandemic, when it was not safe or even permitted for us to visit her, we were able to send her pictures and constantly update her with our day-to-day lives and she could see her great grandchildren with new pictures regularly. The pictures are easy to upload and easy to swap out when there get to be too many pictures on the reel. We’ve only used the video chatting function a few times because she was not really wanting to be on video, but it works just fine. The only issue we needed to address when purchasing was providing internet, which we resolved with a simple jet pack from a mobile phone carrier.

John  E, from Florida
View Clix: A Way to Stay in Touch
Jan 26, 2022
Basically works well and is ideal for the recipient who is not technically inclined or perhaps has a reduction in cognition. The receiver has little to do but enjoy the conversation and the caller will end the call with no responsibility of the recipient. Real easy. My one complaint might be that the speaker is not adequate. Many seniors have hearing deficits (even with aids) and would benefit from a lmore vibrant speaker.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for your review, John! If needed, both models have the ability to add external speakers or headphones to boost the sound.

Mary S, from South Dakota
Great gift
Jan 25, 2022
My Mom and Dad enjoy seeing pictures of Grand children and Great Grand children. It was especially nice during Covid.

Mark B, from New York
Very helpful
Jan 25, 2022
This worked great in the room in my dad's nursing home. I could see him and call the facility if I had concerns about what I saw or heard. Have the family pics displayed on the frame was also a very nice feature.

Patti J, from Tennessee
A real life saver
Jan 25, 2022
We purchased the ViewClix during 2020 COVID for my Mom who has zero tech skills and doesn't even own a smart phone. It was a life saver! We have been able to talk in person and share pictures of various family, friends, trips, and pets. It was truly a blessing during Christmas 2020 when we couldn't visit in person! Thank for ViewClix for creating such a useful tool.

Ryan H, from New York
Jan 24, 2022
It really amazing that theres something that doesn't require the receiving end to pick up. Really great for elderly people.
The set up is a massive pain though. The remote control is just plain awful. Infuriating to use. Entering anything with that piece of junk makes me think it was never even tested. I've gone through a few of your remotes hoping they'd improve, and they're all equally garbage. I would work on that aspect.
ViewClix reply
We appreciate the honest feedback! We are always working to improve and better our frame's user experience.

Teresa C, from Nebraska
Best thing I ever bought
Jan 24, 2022
I got this for my parents so the family could do video calls beginning November 2020 at their private home. They have no laptops or smartphones. Setup of the frame was simple for me, and I setup all of the guest accounts for the children and grandchildren.I set the frame to auto answer calls and to not accept calls from 9pm to 9am. This works perfect as remotes are not something they remember how to use. The frame is in their dining room on a side buffet and they don't feel like it is intrusive there. They have had several power and wifi interruptions but the frame requires no intervention to come back online. As their dementia gets worse we do far more pictures then calls, but that's ok as they sit together and watch the slideshow often. It took me about 6 practice runs with them just to repeat what the frame is for and get them used to going into the dining room when it chimes. My family sends a picture or more nearly every day. They will both turn 90 this year and are mostly at home all day and are checked on every day. I'm 60 miles away and one sister lives a few blocks from them. Haven't required any support and We love the product!

Winnie Y, from California
Life saver
Jan 24, 2022
ViewClix is the lifesaver for our family especially during the pandemic. My mother has early stage Alzheimer's and never good with technology. ViewClix has provided a way for us to communicate without having to stress about technology for her. I have been telling everyone whom I could benefit from ViewClix to get one but unfortunately it is only ship within USA.

Tia P, from Connecticut
Great Product!
Jan 23, 2022
My grandmother moved into a long term are facility and during CoVId our visits were limited. The ViewClix allowed everyone in our family to stay in touch with her either by sending her pictures or through phone calls. Due to her arthritis, she never could get tapping on the screen button quite right but with ViewClix, no worry. The caller initiated the call, my grandmother didn’t have to touch anything. This is a great product!

Dan L, from Maine
Great customer service
Jan 23, 2022
My dad loves the photos we have uploaded for him. He is in assisted living and it appears another resident took his remote. ViewClix customer service was excellent about promptly getting us a new remote control and getting my dad back in online. Some connectivity issues. Overall very satisfied.

Elyse P, from Connecticut
ViewClix ROCKS
Jan 22, 2022
Just the other night, our 90+ year old mother thanked us again for her ViewClix as she enjoyed watching pictures of the family scroll by on the screen. We love being able to share those pictures. We also to have "face-to-face" conversations with her, especially given the isolation due to COVID, but just as a pick-me up for all of us. Being able to have ViewClix connect automatically makes this all possible - technology is not one of Mom's strengths. The only limitation is having the speaker at the back; Mom can't always here us, so we end up calling by phone at the same time. GREAT product though!
ViewClix reply
Thank you, Elyse! To further boost the sound, you can add external speakers or headphones to the ViewClix frames. We've reached out to provide you with our recommended speaker option.

Teresa W, from Michigan
Mom's Lifeline
Jan 22, 2022
My mom had to move to an assisted living. She was distressed at feeling such a loss of control over her life. Her children live from Idaho to Norway. Setting up the Viewclix was easy. It has given her entertainment & the ability to share her life in pictures with other residents. The family we sent the invitation link to were able to set it up easily on their phone & ipads so they can video call her with one click.She gets calls from her sisters & children everyday and is actually in better touch then she was at home. I wish we had known about it when she was home. The grandkids can put pictures of their lives on for her to feel included. I can build a slideshow of pictures of our growing up years to give her happy memories & she loves that. I even made a slideshow of old photos from her childhood which brought up lots of great memories & stories. As administrator of the viewclix I can rotate the pictures (move them on & off) to keep them fresh. You can even put captions which helps jog her memory about extended family she doesn't see often. The best part is that she doesn't have to do a thing. We have it set up so that it automatically answers on her end, which is important because she has memory issues. We set it on an arm attached to her table so when we call then it is like we are sitting having coffee together. We even called her from our vacation and showed her waterfalls & wildlife. We often call her from the boat & "take her with us" so she can enjoy the ocean & watch us fishing. The peace of mind for me & the pleasure for her is worth every penny. We have had zero problems & the company answers our questions very quickly. Thank you Viewclix!!

Carol C, from Illinois
Mom told me the other day, she loves her ViewClix!
Jan 22, 2022
I use the app to check on my mother in the nursing home. Right now the home has Covid positive residents, so I am locked out. I can use the ViewClix app to see right into my mother's room and see for myself how she is doing. I don't need to wait for a nurse to tell me how well she is doing today, I can see for myself.
I think the staff likes it, too. ViewCLix helps so they don't have to give me reports on Mom's condition as often. Like all nursing homes today, they are under-staffed and over-worked.
Mom told me the other day, she loves her ViewClix! She is stuck in bed for most of the day. I am so gald she can see pictures of her family that love her.
We love this product.

Casey C, from North Carolina
Life Changing
Jan 21, 2022
This device has been a literal life saver during the COVID crisis. My Grandfather passed and my Grandmother was left alone with her grief. She was so terrified of the virus that she didn’t let us visit and no funeral was held. My cousins and I pitched in to purchase a ViewClix frame to try and reach her. She has always been afraid of new technology but the easy setup and friendly interface was perfect. She thanks me profusely every time we talk (on the phone or using the video feature) for allowing her to feel like a part of our lives. I truly believe that the ViewClix frame saved her from a broken heart, fear, and loneliness that could have ended her life. I recommend ViewClix to everyone I know. My stepmom even purchased one for her parents and they love it as well. Thank you.

Peggy W, from Virginia
Excellent Device
Jan 20, 2022
This device is amazing. It allows our mother to stay in touch with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It has been a life saver during COVID to help us stay in touch with her as well as being able to detect any issues she may be having. I would recommend it to any families needing to stay in touch with loved ones as well as seeing them face to face. It is simple and easy to use for everyone involved.

Susan T, from Pennsylvania
Easy to use with great quality video
Jan 19, 2022
We were looking for a simple, easy way to connect with our moms as their health was declining and having them use the computer or cell phone FaceTime was near impossible. ViewClix has been a life saver especially during the pandemic. It is so easy - we just delivered a ViewClix unit to each of our respective moms (in FL and PA) and we can see them daily to check in. It's been great to also share contact info with other close relatives. The unit provides really great video and audio and is so easy to use. Definitely recommend!

Bob S, from California
Love ViewClix
Jan 18, 2022
Thanks so much for View Clix. This is helped so much in being able to have video calls & sending family pictures to my Mom who is elderly and was living in pandemic isolation. Words cannot express how grateful we are that this technology exists. The set up was easy - which is great since My Mom is not good with this. I can just call her and she answers and doesn't have to touch or control anything on the device.

Catherine P, from New Jersey
Cheery, but useful too
Jan 18, 2022
ViewClix has enabled me to feel connected to my parents in Memory Care. I update the pictures and messages frequently, and I mix old photos and new. They love the photos of themselves as children as much as the pictures of their grandchildren. This was the benefit I hoped for with the purchase. The surprising additional benefit was the way the speech therapists use the pictures in therapy - apparently the photos spark memories, and then conversation. I'm very pleased.

Dave L, from Pennsylvania
Bring Joy to mother
Jan 18, 2022
I purchased your product recently so my mother, (just turned 90), can receive video calls with no requirement for logins, email account or complicated setup steps.
The ViewClix is the perfect solution to have her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren communicate with her.
The system setup was easy to perform. A big advantage is the fact that no advanced technical knowledge is required. Video calls start and end automatically.
Resolution is fantastic for "older eyes"! She will get hours of entertainment viewing all the uploaded pictures.
Her appointments and coming events can be scheduled as reminders using the sticky note feature.
The cost for the product is a small price to pay for the joy it will bring my mother.

Brigitte W, from Wisconsin
Saved my mom
Jan 18, 2022
ViewClix helped my 94 year old mother immensely in 2021 when the care center she is in quarantined their patrons to their rooms for 6 months. Today she still enjoys being kept up to date with grandchildren and great grands via photos and live video calls.

Cynthia P, from Minnesota
Very Pleased
Jan 14, 2022
My mom loves the pictures! It is very convenient for the entire family to share photos. I can easily go in to the app and delete duplicates or edit if needed.
I like the video call feature. She doesn’t have to do a thing- just sit in front of the screen.

Janice B, from Minnesota
Awesome-Priceless Moments
Jan 13, 2022
We purchase a Viewclix for my 90 year old mom who is in assisted living in another state. Love how I can see her, talk and talk to her aides. Mom enjoys the uploaded photos when we’re not chatting. I have recommended the Viewclix to many families and ALL ARE EXTREMELY THANKFUL!! Priceless to be able to see your loved one rather than just the phone. I have caught issues that I would not have if I just talked on the phone as my mom does NOT like to worry me. If you want to stay connected and love your parents, grandkids, etc., order one today. I guarantee you it will pay you back tenfold in peace of mind and treasured conversations with them. I am Blessed to have found Viewclix!!! Please share with everyone you meet. They will thank you from their hearts.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Linda S, from Minnesota
The best!
Jan 12, 2022
The ViewClix has been a lifeline for our elderly mother (97:). It works beautifully on the wifi in her assisted living building. I feel the best feature is that all she has to do is look at the screen, no buttons involved. It's extremely easy to use on both ends. It has also been valuable as a reminder for daily activities and to just send a cheery note. She loves the family connection her ViewClix has made possible. We have been pleased with the 10" screen for her situation but the 15" would be especially great for those with vision issues or placement restrictions. We also purchased the auxiliary speakers recommended which has made the audio very full and easy to hear. I highly recommend the ViewClix- well worth the $$!

Lorraine S, from Illinois
Get your ViewClix TODAY
Jan 11, 2022
I cannot say enough good things about using ViewClix . it is truly a Godsend helping me stay in touch with my mother who resides in a nursing home and my daughter who is a resident at a home for developmentally disabled individuals. During the height of the pandemic, communicating through our ViewClix was the ONLY way we could stay connected and we used it on a daily basis. I believe that my loved ones faired much better than many others because of this communication. Plus using the ViewClix is super super easy. We did have a few problems with set up for my mom, but contacting Customer Service was easy and they promptly had a solution. I highly recommend ViewClix to anyone who is looking for a user-friendly communication device.

Pamela W, from California
Great for Grandparents
Jan 11, 2022
My mom lives in Wisconsin and we’re in California. ViewClix is great because she can see us and we can see her. We can send her pictures of all the great grandchildren which she loves. She can be included in special events via ViewClix which keeps her touch with our lives. ViewClix is great because she struggles with technology but all she has to do is pick it up and we’re connected.

Eileen B, from Illinois
Awesome Product!
Jan 09, 2022
ViewClix was the best thing during quarantine to talk and see my mom in her nursing home. She has macular degeneration and hearing issues so not having to do anything on her end worked so well. When she got Covid, we could see her to make sure she was not failing. We added speakers but very easy setup!

Michael W, from Minnesota
Possibly the best gift I have ever purchased
Jan 07, 2022
At the beginning of the pandemic I purchased two of these for my grandmother-in laws as a way to see each other if they got locked down at there housing.
The recipients love receiving photos from family and friends as well as taking part in each others lives in unique ways, when we can't meet together.
The Great grandchildren play charades with them, we have had holidays with the video running through dinner and festivities.
The fact that there is no monthly fee (besides internet connectivity of some sort which most people already have) is astounding in this day and age.
We have been using these for over 18months and I have never had to do anything with them to keep them operating. I can control all the main settings from PC.
There are so many great functions of this product.
My main point is that this is a well put together product from start to finish that is well worth the cost for what you get.

Martha V, from New York
Excellent device!
Jan 06, 2022
Last year I bought a ViewClix device for my mother who has dementia and had moved it to a Nursing home. We both live in Canada and my brother in NY. The rest of our family members are abroad in different countries. Therefore, having continuous communication with mom was essential but her increased forgetfulness made it impossible for her to remember how to answer her cell phone.
Luckily, I learned about ViewClix and its Drop in-call feature. It was a game-changer and the decisive factor for me to choose ViewClix over other similar products.
Now in Covid-Times, her home has been in quarantine twice and all my family members and I have been able to connect with her constantly and without interruptions.
Some staff at her nursing home are always praising us for getting such a device for mom and commenting that everyone there should have one.
Thank you ViewClix for creating such a device so our family can stay connected with mom despite Alzheimer's!

Tom T, from Ohio
A God-Send for my Mom
Jan 04, 2022
ViewClix has been a God-Send for my Mom at her Senior Living apartment. It is a visit without the drive and travel hassle. Much better than phone calls. And she doesn't need ANY computer training, which is why we chose this system for her. She LOVES the scrolling photo album, too. We can post same day pictures of grandkids and great grandkids where previously she waited weeks or months to see the photos.
Requested improvements. 1) easier photo album change-outs 2) Zoom type group calls so she can visit with more family at one time. 3) A light at the top of the panel to show visually from across the room that she has a call.
I have told several people about ViewClix. All intended to follow up. Again, the big advantage was having visual communication where the recipient needed no computer skills.

Cheryl R, from Nebraska
A Blessing
Jan 03, 2022
Mom has vision and hearing deficits. The ViewClix has helped family to stay connected. Mom can see the family pictures as they scroll by all day. She just saw the new great great grandchild yesterday. Mom has difficulty with phone connections so it is easy for the family caller to connect and Mom doesn't have to do anything. She enjoys seeing her caller and can even see everyone that's together at the same time.

Jeffrey J, from Massachusetts
Very nice
Dec 29, 2021
My mom is 93 and is now in a nursing home. Life is much simpler but very boring. I put a Viewclix in her room and she marvels at the variety of pictures we send her. It helps keep her up to date on what we are doing - although she has mistakenly recognized a museam wax statue of John Wayne as me ! But that is fun in it's own way ! I very highly recommend this solution as a means to entertain your loved ones. My nieces and my own kids post new pictures fairly frequently so there is reason for mom to pay attention and get excited about what everyone is doing. I just need to delete/archive the old photos so she sees the newer ones more frequently. Life is very dull during Covid-19 in a nursing home. Do you loved ones a favor- brighten their days !

Kimberly S, from Wisconsin
Great product
Dec 29, 2021
Bought this to keep in touch with my mother who is in a home with dementia. She has a hard time remembering how to use things. It's wonderful to be able to talk with her and send her pictures. The whole family can use it.

Karen Y, from New Jersey
Sunday's with Mom
Dec 23, 2021
My mom lives 900 miles away in rural TN. She is not ready for a nursing home but she is not technically competent and still has a flip phone. Without Viewclix, I wouldn't be able to 'see' her. I call every Sunday without fail. It seems to always work. I send my mom pictures of the work I'm doing on my house so she can stay updated on all the things happening here. I'm so glad I decided to purchase this. I have absolutely no buyer's remorse.

Daniel B, from Virginia
Thank you!
Dec 14, 2021
My family is scattered across the country. Even before COVID it was hard getting time to go see my grandmother. I originally bought my viewclix to help and be able to easily share pictures. My grandmother is not the most tech savvy person, she struggles withthe TV and DVD player, and her phone is a constant tech support struggle.
But Viewclix is easy. My dad set it up, and its been fine for well over a year. She sees pictures from her kids and grandkids, we video call pretty regularly, and she is just thrilled with it. It really helped her feel more connected with everyone, and when covid stuck it became her lifeline and helped keep some of the loneliness and depression at bay.
Fantastic product, extremely happy with the results. I wish cropping in the app and on mobile was easier, but c'est la vie, those are minor complaints compared to the benefit. Plus when my brother uploaded a family picture of him, his wife, and their dogs, the auto crop only kept his dog's butt and thats just hilarious. Grandmother was trying to figure out why a dog's butt was on her photo frame, great entertainment.
Thanks Viewclix!

Debbie E, from Wisconsin
Wonderful Product!
Dec 14, 2021
ViewClix has has been a god send. My mom is in an assisted living facility in which they actually were not allowed to leave their rooms during covid for weeks. I was able to call my mom and talk face to face and we would play bingo over it to give her something to do. She has Alzheimer's so isolation is not a good thing, the ViewClix has been wonderful as she does not have touch it, I have control of it and can call her anytime and she know when she hears the ring to sit down in front of it so we can see each other. My step sister also lives far away and has been able to keep in touch and visit with mom because of the view clix. "Best product ever!

Isaac B, from New Hampshire
Keeping in touch with Grandma
Dec 13, 2021
The Viewclix has been great for our family. Our grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer's to the point of forgetting what a phone looks like, but she knows her grandkids when she sees them! Because she can no longer answer the phone, the auto-connect feature of Viewclix lets us drop in for daily updates to help cheer her up. All I have to do is set my phone in front of the baby, and they both entertain each other!

Phoebe S, from California
Great for my 90 yr old Mom
Dec 08, 2021
Love the ViewClix frame. It helps me keep in touch with my Mom, not just during the pandemic but everyday. It is easy to set up and upload pictures. What makes it better than other devices is that my mom does not have to do anything to answer the video call, something might sound simple but not for her. So thank you ViewClix.

nicole M, from Pennsylvania
easy to use
Dec 08, 2021
This is a very easy to use device for my 93 year old grandmother. She loves the pictures and she loves the ability to see people on video. She does not have to do anything to answer a call. There is a safety feature to this as well, since she does not need to accept the call. If we can not get in touch with her, and gd forbid, she has fallen or is in some kind of emergency issue, the video screen goes through and we can see the main room in her home. She could yell out to us or if she was unresponsive we could call for help for her. A terrible thought to have of course but one that has been in the back of my mind. I really think people she get this for their elders!

Daniel R, from New Jersey
Outstanding care and service.
Dec 07, 2021
I had some problems with my mother's ViewClix frame, which was still under warranty. I am thrilled to say that Dave at ViewClix was exceptionally good at addressing the problems, and very compassionate about the situation we were in. The ViewClix frame had quickly become a lifeline for my 94 year old mom who lives alone in an extended-care facility, it was like her window to the world and family. She would have been devastated waiting for months for the problem to be fixed, instead the team at ViewClix bent over backwards to replace, and get us a working frame as fast as possible, so that she's not left without it for any extended period.
This has been a great product, and I've always received replies from their support team in times of need. I wish them well, and a big thank you from all of us here.

Leah B, from New Hampshire
Family ties made stronger
Dec 07, 2021
Thank you ViewClix!
This has been a transformative part of my family’s life. My mother is elderly with low tech skills- she doesn’t have a cell phone or computer.
On ViewClix she can see updated photos. Also she can be a part of our life events over the miles like watching her granddaughter open birthday and Xmas presents.
The app and website are easy for me to use.
The device is easy for her too.
It’s been a valuable part of nurturing our relationship as we live many states away.

Diana T, from California
Not happy
Dec 06, 2021
When it works its ok. However it shuts off to sleep mode every day. Which is annoying when your trying to get a hold of your parent and can’t see them, then we get worried.
ViewClix reply
Hello Diana, Thanks for your review! Currently they are using the ViewClix remote and the Sleep Button to put the frame to Sleep locally there at the frame. Please see our email we sent with instructions to set-up an automatic Sleep Schedule for the frame. This way they do not have to use the remote and you will not have this issue. best regards, ViewClix support

Deborah K, from Pennsylvania
Outstanding easy video device
Nov 26, 2021
My 95 year old mother lives in a memory support retirement community. I am her only child and ViewClix allows me to have a video chat any time on any day. Mom loves seeing my face and others in the family - even family pets! This device has been priceless during COVID when her neighborhood was in lockdown. I’ve easily downloaded 82 family photos into the slide show and labeled each picture with names. Mom loves these photos and it gives her such joy when I’m not able to visit. The device is SO user friendly and customer support is tops and very speedy. We are so grateful for this technology and I’ve told many friends about it. Thank you so much!

Patricia D, from Virginia
A true gift!
Nov 24, 2021
At nearly 92, my Mom is not interested in smart phones or laptops, but the ViewClix has been an easy thing for her to use. Since I'm out of state, we use it regularly to see each other, to share views of her home, my home, new clothes, whatever! I've used it to record our phone calls on my iPhone, to create a memory book for her. Her 89 years young brother, her only remaining sibling, is excited to see her after many years, since he lives in CA and she's in MA. I love the quality of life this has helped to give her.

Kym K, from Wisconsin
Best product to connect with an aging parent!
Nov 18, 2021
I absolutely LOVE ViewClix! My mother has alzheimers and ViewClix allows us to connect every morning to do our morning exercises together! This wouldn't be possible without it! I tell everyone I know with an aging parent about ViewClix and I'm guessing I've sold at least 20 for you! Thank you for your great product!!

Michael M, from Massachusetts
Amazing Gift for 92 year old Grandmother
Nov 17, 2021
Our Grandmother lives on her own and doesn't even speak English. Computer/Tablet/Smartphone were not an option.
ViewClix was a G-d sent gift for her. She can see her great grandkids, speak to her daughter and grandkids every day. And she enjoys all the pictures we are uploading. Amazing product, life-changing for her.

Susan M, from Pennsylvania
The ViewClix Frame and customer support are truly the best!!
Nov 15, 2021
My brother and I agree that the ViewClix frame has been the best-ever gift for Mom. Mom refuses to deal with buttons and switches but, with ViewClix, she doesn’t have to lift a finger in order to see photos or receive video calls from her family and friends.
Mom continually tells us how much she loves having the ViewClix frame and that she never gets tired of looking at the photos. Often when I visit, we look at the photos together and she will tell stories about each--such a great bonding experience!
It's very easy for me to control from my laptop how her screen is set up and who is allowed to communicate with her. We did have to add wi-fi service in her apartment and, because of her limited hearing, also added our own speakers with a headset.
On the few occasions when we’ve had technical difficulties, we were either able to find out what to do from ViewClix’s very detailed “Help Center” page or resolve it by contacting their Customer Support folks who have always responded quickly with solutions that worked.
I can’t speak highly enough about ViewClix. It’s a magical way to stay connected with the technophobes in your life…

Dale H, from Alabama
Works perfect our family
Nov 14, 2021
We ordered ViewClix when the pandemic locked up my 89-year-old mother so we could keep in close video contact with her. She is not savvy to the digital world, but this thing requires no skills to be learned and she gets constantly updated photos of her great-grandchildren. We tried a competing device and returned it because it required too much effort to configure. It is truly a great device.

Kris G, from Georgia
The BEST idea.
Nov 09, 2021
My Mother LOVES her Viewclix frame; especially since COVID had prevented family coming in from out of state, for visits. It is so user friendly and I have no issues accessing the slideshow or making changes. We all especially love being able to have video calls, as Mom doesn't use a cell phone or computer; this provides great sound and video quality.

Helen C, from California
Great product!
Nov 09, 2021
Our family is grateful to have an easy-to-use video conference product such as Viewclix. Our family is internationally located in Europe, Asia and North America, and Viewclix provided a great way to connect to my 91 year old grandmother in Toronto.

Becky V, from Minnesota
Hands free window to the outside world
Nov 04, 2021
ViewClix was a lifesaver for my dad during Covid lock down in his Assisted Living. We could could video chat with his having to touch any buttons. From our AP we connected and we would show up on his 15” monitor screen to talk or show him around our homes. He loved my goats and chickens When not chatting, all our photos would play on a slide show. We labelled them so he knew who/what they were. We added Bible verses as well. ViewClix was his window to the world outside his walls. And it was a way we 4 daughters from 4 states could check on our dad as ViewClix gave a view of his room.
After he passed on to Heaven, ViewClix allowed a transfer of ownership so another could use it. I highly recommend ViewClix to everyone.

John E, from Illinois
Saved my Mother's sanity during Covid
Nov 03, 2021
My mother is too technically challenged to facetime or zoom on a phone and the ViewClix screen was the only solution we found that worked for her. It has helped her stay connected with family and avoid the isolation brought about by Covid. It truly has helped her keep her sanity. I can't say enough positive things about the screen and the company behind it.

Heather O, from Oregon
Covid Connections
Nov 01, 2021
In November of 2020 we lost my oldest uncle to Covid. Struggling to find a way to connect with my 87 year old aunt who was grieving and living alone I stumbled across ViewClix. My aunt, living 3,000 miles away is not very tech savvy so we needed a solution that was easy for her to use. ViewClix is perfect. We talk every week and I can’t tell you how helpful it is to actually “see” the person you are speaking with to ascertain how they really are doing. She also loves the photo feature to keep up with family all over the U.S.

JUDY D, from Pennsylvania
Greatest item ever for elderly
Oct 28, 2021
We purchased this for our father. It is great. Not only is it extremely easy for him but it was easy for us to set up and maintain. He is unable to operate any technical devices and ViewClix doesn’t ask anything of him. We set it all up and he is able to view pictures and talk to us without any assistance. I highly recommend this for any elderly person that does know anything about operating a technical device or anyone in a nursing home of assisted living facility.

Sue F, from Minnesota
We truly appreciate ViewClix
Oct 28, 2021
With loved ones out of state as well as sequestering due to the pandemic, our family has truly appreciated having the ViewClix technology available to be in touch with my mom. With dementia, she is unable to figure out technology and with ViewClix all she has to do is sit in her favorite chair to be in contact with family and friends!

Cynthia M, from Idaho
A Real Godsend
Oct 26, 2021
This is one of the best products I've come across that helps communication with the elderly. The picture frame concept, enabling people to upload photos to a particular frame, is fairly common these days. But the video chat aspect is ingenious! My mother-in-law doesn't have to DO anything to receive a video chat call. She just hears the CHIME alerting her to a call, she walks to the frame, and she starts talking. When the visit is over, the person who called hangs up on their end, and she doesn't have to do anything.
My MIL even loves to just sit and look at the photos. She never knows when a new one of her grandchildren or great grandchildren will show up in her pictures! And they do often.
I don't often rave about a product, but this one deserves it. Set up is not difficult. The price is right. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a better connection with an elderly loved one.

Kate B, from Wisconsin
Easy to manage, great device
Oct 21, 2021
The call quality, screen size and easy picture sharing make this device a great choice for staying in touch with seniors who have limited capabilities with technology or with limited bandwidth- the unit is very forgiving and very adaptable. Good purchase.

Carol H, from Iowa
Life Saver
Oct 20, 2021
We bought mom her Viewclix before the pandemic ever came into being. We have talked to and seen her everyday even though we live a few states apart. We are families of grown children, grandchildren, and friends. Mom is 91 and lives independently and we can observe any changes and even play games like Yatzee with her. She loves it and even when the pandemic did hit it was even more vital for her socialization. It truely is the best gift you can give anyone. There is nothing complicated to use from the receiver or the initiating caller. On the one and only time we needed to contact customer support they were more than helpful and had our question answered promptly and with personal service. I can't stress enough how great and simple to use the Viewclix is. We all love it!

Bill R, from Maryland
Excellent Product!
Oct 20, 2021
I got a ViewClix frame for my technologically challenged parents about a year ago. I live overseas and had trouble traveling back to the US for regular visits. With my parents unable to use a cell phone or computer, I searched for an alternative way that we could see each other. ViewClix is that product! Typically, I call them on the phone and tell them to turn the frame on - one button on the remote. Then we hang up the phone and I connect to the frame though the ViewClix app. Simple and easy. The only cost is upfront for the frame (I chose the larger one), with all the calls being streamed over the internet for free. It has made the last year so much easier for all of us. And I post pictures of the grandkids on the frame that automatically scroll between our calls. Now, if only changing the batteries in the remote could be accomplished from afar...

Araceli F, from Illinois
Highly recommend
Oct 19, 2021
I would highly recommend viewClix to anyone having elderly parents that want to keep in touch and whose parents do not own a cell phone or computer. Easy way to see them

Antoinette P, from Ohio
How ViewClix kept my mom connected with her family
Oct 18, 2021
I thank God every day that a friend told me about ViewClix. The value of it to our family was priceless. We purchased it during the pandemic for our mom. She was confined to a nursing home, and it was very difficult to visit her in the normal way because of the pandemic. ViewClix turned out to be her lifeline and she was able to see her family through photos and video calls. It gave her joy and peace and we will be forever grateful! I recommend this to anyone. Thank you again.

Karen G, from Georgia
Oct 18, 2021
We purchased our frame just before COVID. Once the lockdowns were initiated, Mom was restricted to her room at the assisted living facility. She was no longer able to remember how to use the computer, and was also having trouble using the phone. Viewclix allowed us to communicate frequently and be able to see her. It went with her to the hospital, allowing me to virtually sit at her bedside. This gave me the opportunity to talk with her nurses and doctors on a daily basis. Once it was connected to wifi, I could manage all aspects, so she didn't have to do anything. I encourage everyone who has an elderly love one living apart from them to get one.

Eric N, from Nebraska
Sound issues
Oct 15, 2021
the ViewClix has been great to a point. I am in Mexico and for some reason after about 15 minutes on the ViewClix with my dad, the sound starts being distorted to the point where I cannot understand what he is saying. It is frustrating to the point where I call on the phone most of the time rather than deal with the sound on the viewclix. This problem is consistent for all calls. thanks.
ViewClix reply
Thank you for your review! The sound issues could be related to the internet connection and we are happy to help troubleshoot. Our technical team can provide diagnostics and steps to resolve the sound issue. Our technical team has reached out to start the troubleshooting process.

David P, from Georgia
excellent product
Oct 13, 2021
Using the viewclix for the family to stay in touch with our 88 year old mother, grand mother and great grand mother who is not tech savvy and never has had an email address. The product allows for complete remote control once set up and we are able to share photos and do video chats with ease.

Susan W, from Arizona
“Every senior should have one”
Oct 13, 2021
My 87 year old mom lives in a senior independent living building. I live 2000 miles away, but I get to “see” her every day. The ViewClix has been a wonderful tool to have during this pandemic. My mom tells me often that “every senior should have one.” I am able to share hundreds of pictures with her; old family photos, vacations she has taken, grandchildren who now have kids of their own, and lots of flowers and birds.

Jerry W, from California
Keeping track of our kids
Oct 07, 2021
I have only used ViewClix to keep track of our great grand children. They are all under 2 years old. We don't see them often so we see their progress only via ViewClix.

Clifford R, from Texas
Mom love her ViewClix
Oct 07, 2021
My mom say her (computer Picture frame) ViewClix is the best gift I ever gave her she does not feel so alone because family calls her with ViewClix.
And she love the pics we all send to her ViewClix.

Lisa Q, from California
Great for Dad
Oct 06, 2021
We purchased the ViewClix for my 89 year old father. He enjoys seeing new pictures added every few days of his kids and grandkids. The video phone is fun for him too. His grandkids don't live close enough to visit so it is a great way to stay intouch!

Stan G, from Texas
Works well
Sep 30, 2021
The frame works flawlessly and is great to have.

Mike  G, from Michigan
Sep 29, 2021
My ViewClix effectively saved my mother's life. She was locked up in a retirement home for 18 months due to covid. Her ViewClix enabled her kids, grandkids and friends to virtually meet with her every day. Needless to say she is not tech savvy so this product was perfect for her. The system has never gone down and 99% of video calls perfectly clear with excellent sound.
Thank you ViewClix for saving my mother's life.

Sarah B, from Virginia
A great addition
Sep 28, 2021
It works really well for touching base with my elderly mother in her assisted living apartment. I call by phone to let her know I'll be showing up and she knows to sit in her easy chair which faces the ViewClix screen. Seeing her expressions as we chat is great.

Vince H, from Minnesota
Best Purchase
Sep 27, 2021
I live 2000 miles from my 96 y.o. mom.
Viewclix has been an incredible way for us to connect these last 2 years. I have only been able to travel out to see her once during that time...but...We use ViewClix 2x/week...and its great!
Simple, easy to use at both ends. Have highly recommended Viewclix to friends that have a need to connect with a family member.

Brett  S, from Texas
Highly recommended!
Sep 23, 2021
My mother is in a memory care facility. She can't use a phone at all. With Viewclix I can call her any time I wish and see and hear her, (typically twice a day). I can upload tons of photos to the digital frame that she enjoys, plus 'sticky notes' to tell her how much I love her. All that is required is to set it up with the wifi there. SO thankful I have had this, especially with Covid when I could not go visit her.

David G, from Florida
Could be better could be worse
Sep 23, 2021
The speakers are inadequate for elderly. Connecting some basic computer speakers helped however that proved to be too loud for the neighbors! Wireless headphones would be the way to go for our application. Perhaps you could research this and recommend an ideal pair for your device. Folks in facilities could benefit greatly from this. Could it be possible to beam the audio direcly to ones hearing aides?
It really couldn't be more simple to connect. My friend is unable to learn new stuff and an iPad would have been impossible to use. I tethered the remote and a phone call was all it took to complete the connection. Having ANY button on the remote answer a call is a great touch.

Janet P, from Wisconsin
Best device for keeping in touch!
Sep 22, 2021
This is the BEST device for seniors. It got my mother through COVID when her facility was locked down. It is such a great way to stay connected!!! She has hers on her kitchen island and watches the pictures as she eats.
I can't recommend this enough!! It is the easiest device on the market for seniors to use!

Maureen J, from Minnesota
Wonderful for communicating with older parents!
Sep 22, 2021
ViewClix has been a wonderful tool to speak with and see my mother who lives in a long-term care facility throughout COVID. It cannot be any easy to connect. We place a video call and she doesn't need to do anything to answer. She often has trouble answering her phone, so this has been a tremendous help. She enjoys watching family pictures rotate on the screen when not on a call even more than I anticipated. She watches them for hours! It is so easy to make calls and upload pictures. I would highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to keep in touch with an older person

Kareem A, from California
Great product with great potential
Sep 21, 2021
We're very happy with product. The Mobile App could use a bit of refinement. Would also be great if it could accept short videos, and HDMI port to connect to TV. Otherwise the product is good and working well with my elderly parents.

Anil B, from Texas
Sep 21, 2021
Not only in US but any where in the World, you can setup this frame to keep tabs on your non-tech loved ones or send photos or post a note.
Recommended to some of my friends in France and just stay logged in all the time from US to make their parents feel that they are with them. You can create individual logins to share with other family members. You can even set it up to check on your remote business units/shops.
Above all Support is excellent. Don't do your research or shop around as there is NO other like this.

Doug S, from New Jersey
Awesome product
Sep 20, 2021
I purchased ViewClix to communicate with my 89 year old father in Canada. We use the video call feature every night and I post pictures of his great grandchildren for him. Video is great as he doesn't have to engage with technology - I just call and it pops up on the screen for him. It's great for me to actually see him versus just hearing his voice on a phone call. He loves the pictures. Resolution on the ViewClix is phenomenal. Best investment I've made.

Natasha E, from Oregon
Great for older parents
Sep 02, 2021
Very good product, really recommend if you have loved one who do not use technology really well. Easy to use and you can share a lot of pictures.

Colleen J, from Pennsylvania
My parents love ViewClix
Sep 02, 2021
We bought ViewClix for my parents when the pandemic hit. It allowed us to see them when speaking with them when they were quarantined. They also love the pictures.
The only complaint I have is the remote is difficult to operate. It is not easy to scan through the pictures and doesn't always work. We also had problems keeping the box connected to the internet. Finding instructions for how to reset was nearly impossible.

Patricia C, from New Jersey
Wonderful for my dad
Aug 31, 2021
We purchased the ViewClix during the lockdown last year. It was a way for me to see my dad and it was easy for him to answer. Now my father has moved to assisted living. It looks great on his side table with many pictures of the family being displayed, and each labeled to help him remember the names of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. I highly recommend this unit for a parent who is confused by modern electronics and gadgets.

Anita F, from New York
Great way to keep in touch with dad
Aug 29, 2021
I love ViewClix! My father has dementia and does not own a computer or cell phone. So ViewClix has been a great way for us to see each other without him having to operate a device. All i have to do is call him and that's it!

Debbie P, from Kansas
ViewClix is Amazing
Aug 27, 2021
My mom needed to be moved out of the home and into a care facility during the peak of Covid. We could not enter the facility, so no settling her in, visiting, and seeing the care she was receiving. She also has advanced dementia, so her being able to run a smartphone or tablet was not an option. I was very uncomfortable not being able to see and visit her. Then, I found ViewClix. Game changer!! Of course, I still couldn’t visit in personal, but I has “inside” eyes. Setup was easy, and our family could log on to talk to her, see how she looked, and have some peace of mind that she was being cared for. I would highly recommend ViewClix if you are in a similar situation or miles away from your loved ones. It was a blessing at a incredibly rough time.

Von G, from Illinois
Drama-free Video Connection
Aug 26, 2021
My family has used ViewClix (VC) for over 2 years now and during that time--during the height of COVID-19--ViewClix has been a Godsend. And I don't use those words lightly. We have been able to reach out to our elderly parents in another state when using a phone was either not convenient or not available. It's just like a video chat but without all the hassle. We just "VC" our parents when we feel like it and see their happy faces. Thank you ViewClix!

DONNA T, from Ohio
Great device!
Aug 24, 2021
My 84-year-old Dad lives in another state, so I don’t see him as often as I’d like. He’s also not much of a “techie” guy, so no FaceTime in his world. ViewClix has easily allowed us to communicate face to face without any work on his end. It’s so easy and brings him so much joy! Our family also posts photos that he can look at all the time as they flip through all day long. This was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!!

Michael C, from Virginia
Great Product!
Aug 20, 2021
This has worked great as a way to stay in touch with my Father at his nursing facility. I am very thankful for this product especially during times of lockdown for COVID. It is a fair price for the equipment and I am surprised they don’t charge a small fee for using the website. It is great to be able to video call, share photos and include family members and with zero input with my Father that has memory issues. I am able to control settings remotely. Whoever designed this product knew what they were doing. It is very well thought out. MyDad loves it!
Thanks ViewClix!

Carl  G, from Georgia
Life Saver for Mom
Aug 13, 2021
I cannot express how highly we think of our ViewClix. Our mom has absolutely no technical know-how, so video devices that would require her to press or select anything would be of no use. ViewClix was the only device that allowed our family to see and talk to mom and have her see us with no effort on her part. During the pandemic, we feel this was a "life saver" as the isolation was taking a huge toll on her. I recommend anyone with elderly family members get this device to stay in touch... especially those in assisted living environments, like our mom. To say this fit the bill of what we needed is an understatement. She also likes to see the rotating photos that we upload to the device! This device was more than a blessing that allowed my mom to see her sister video and chat with her before her sister succumbed to Covid.

Penny G, from Iowa
Staying Connected
Aug 11, 2021
ViewClix has provided our family a way to virtual visit our mother who lives in a senior living facility. During COVID restrictions, our family was not able to visit in person for several months, then repeated restrictions when thing spiked. Our mom is 84 and has thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the photos that we have uploaded and our "pop-in" virtual visits using ViewClix. This has helped with her well-being and provided the family a safe way to visit with her. Highly recommend this product to anyone. Greatly appreciated for high tech working with non-tech people.

John M, from Washington
A great way to keep in touch with loved ones!
Aug 11, 2021
ViewClix has been a huge blessing during the pandemic. My grandma was in lockdown for a good part of a year because of the pandemic and so there's really no way to talk to her except for on the phone. My wife and I gave birth to our second kid during the pandemic so she never got to meet him, that's when we found out about ViewClix. We bought it for her and set it up, and pretty much instantly it was working. Not only were we able to video call her everyday but we're also able to send all the amazing pictures we were taking since we did just have a newborn. My sister moved to Florida with her family and so it was very hard for her to not see Grandma as well so this was a great option for her to keep in touch with her family. We are able to bring Grandma to all the birthdays that she would have missed. It's a very simple easy to use program, I know that's what most people are worried about is that their grandparents won't be able to figure it out but honestly it's just click a button, or just leave it on and it does the rest. Whoever bought it for them can be the administrator of the viewclix, so they can maintain all of the technical stuff and the grandparent won't even have to even worry about that at all. I will say you have to have a pretty decent Wi-Fi signal to use it. Her building offered free Wi-Fi but we could not get it to work through that, so we ended up having to get a basic plan from internet provider, but it was the lowest connection they offered and it works fine. All in all I say it was a great purchase and I highly recommend everyone look into this if you're worried about not being able to keep in touch.

Bronson Y, from Washington
Great and simple way to connect to your loved one.
Aug 09, 2021
When Covid broke out I bought this ViewClix for my mother who lives alone in Hawaii since I can't go visit her. I decided to give her a video call each day. Not only ViewClix helped us stay connected, it gave us peace of mind seeing her each day knowing she is healthy both physically and mentally. She also loved looking at the pictures her granddaughter uploads from our garden. So, I decided to buy 1 more for my mother-in-law as well. Thanks to ViewClix for their great service.

Kathy P, from Colorado
Most Wonderful and Pracrtical Gift for Elderly
Aug 04, 2021
ViewClix has been a blessing for my mom who suffers from dementia, and it has been a huge practical help for me as her caregiver. My mom's ViewClix is set up right next to her recliner, and everyday she gets video calls from her adult children and grandchildren, who just chime in anytime the device is on. Electronic devices confuse my mom, but with ViewClix, she doesn't have to do anything since the virtual visit is initiated and ended by the approved caller. Sometimes she'll be sitting in her chair and suddenly get an alert sound. She gets so excited to see new photos that someone has uploaded for her to see. Sometimes my mom gets confused and forgets to hang up the phone, and I can't get reach her at home. I have used ViewClix numerous times as an alternative way to contact my mom. I have even explained to her via ViewClix how to use the remote control for the TV. No elderly loved one should feel isolated-give them a ViewClix and bless them with the joy of staying connected with family and friends!

Kathy K, from Texas
A Treasure
Aug 03, 2021
This machine has been a treasure!! My mother cannot seem to understand a cell phone and how to operate it, so the ViewClix is the only way our family is able to talk to her. It means that I, the local child, can go anywhere I need to be with my own growing family and still be able to see her as many times a day as needed. It is personal and oh so easy!! Love the ViewClix!!

Victoria B, from Illinois
Wonderful device
Jul 30, 2021
We purchased a ViewClix in the middle of 2020 - during the pandemic when assisted living facilities were closed to visitors. It has been wonderful to be able to video chat and let my mom see our faces!
The photo sharing feature is so very important! It allows family from all over to share photos and keep folks connected in daily activities as well as special moments. My mom is 96 and has some memory issues - seeing the photos of family with names written below helps her remember the family and and their names. It also gives her a conversation starting point - when she she’s a person on the frame she will mention it and start to chat about them etc.
it has gone off a few times and she really misses it when that happens.
Thank you for creating such an easy to use way to connect with older family members!
It is

Patti S, from Wisconsin
Automatic connection
Jul 28, 2021
I love the fact that my mom doesn't need to do anything because of the automatic answering option. We wouldn't be able to manage without it. However, many living facilities do not allow the video aspect due to privacy concerns. Independent Living was requiring an authorization form to be signed. Assisted Living didn't want it at all but Memory Care hasn't had issue. We just keep it on the down low.
ViewClix was my only window into my mom's life during the year long Covid lock-down. Phone calls were an option but it sure was nice to see a smile on a face! For me and for her.
The spooling photos are a great way to keep family members in my mom's recall. She reads the descriptions that go along with each image and that helps a lot. It is easy to use but you do need a good wireless signal or the connection can get dicey and the unit sometimes needs to be reset.

Tonya V, from North Carolina
Wonderful product
Jul 27, 2021
The ViewClix was a wonderful tool when we were unable to visit my 95 year old grandmother in the nursing home during covid. She did not own a cell phone nor did she know how to operate any devices.
The ViewClix has an optional drop in function which did not require her do anything. We were discrete with this to respect her privacy. When we connected with her, it would give a brief notification, and we automatically connected. She did not have to push any buttons. This was perfect in our scenario. We could see her, she could see us and have conversations. We also uploaded many pictures for her to see. It bridged a gap for us and allowed us to not only hear her, but see her

Nancy S, from California
Life changer!!
Jul 25, 2021
Prior to the pandemic, we were looking for a better way to connect with our 90+ year old Mom and happened upon Viewclix.
Viewclix enabled our family that is scattered across the country, the opportunity to have a face to face conversation. It’s so easy for the senior who doesn’t need to know any technology. We call, she’s there, we visit! Once the pandemic hit and in person visiting at her assisted living was terminated Viewclix helped us stay connected even more.
Customer service has been great in helping with alternatives to make the sound louder for her too.
Well worth the investment.

Deborah M, from Florida
Jul 25, 2021
I can never say enough about this product, from quick delivery, very easy to set up, and wonderful customer service. I bought this for my mother and stepfather in Florida, so the daughters (4) and grandchildren and great grandchildren could be connected. Little did we know we would lose our stepfather. Mom has macular degeneration, so operating a standard computer is out of the question. View Clix is easy for all family members to connect, no matter the physical distance. If I could give 10 stars I would!

Jessica D, from Massachusetts
Viewclix brings Happiness
Jul 19, 2021
I bought my mother a viewclix during Covid-19. I usually was the one child because of proximity to make sure all was well with her at her cabin and everything else going on in life and I could not go see her due to us being in different states. Anyway, she is 87 and it took us awhile to get it set up for her because of distance BUT after it was set up. She LOVES it! I manage it and all my siblings include her in their lives. They all live in PA and Mom is in NH. Anyway, if it goes down because of power or something (don't worry she has a generator) she calls me and says she lost her family - her friends please get it back! My mother cannot live without it now. Thank you. The messages underneath remind her of all the names of her grandchildren which are many and they add pictures too. We were so impressed that we bought a 2nd viewclix for my mother - in - law and she absolutely loves hers too! Thank you for such a wonderful product. They both love being updated with family pictures and feel like they are with us all - all the time. I would and have recommended this product to many.

Patricia R, from Washington
My Mom Thanks You
Jul 18, 2021
We heard about Viewclix and ordered one for my 100-year-old mom, who was in independent living at a retirement home. When the pandemic hit, she was isolated in her studio apartment, with no chance to socialize at mealtime or play bingo. Her daughters called her daily on the Viewclix, and it felt as if we were there with her. Recently, at 101, she came to live with me, as she had been diagnosed with cancer. We were able to watch the slideshow with her, where we had posted old pictures as well as recent ones, and we reminisced with her about her early years. Sad to say, she passed away a week ago. Your device had helped us stay in touch, and had helped her to remember better days.

Felix V, from North Carolina
Mom in another state
Jul 08, 2021
This device is one of the best investments I have ever done. I see and speak with my mom from NC all the way in NJ. I just dial direct. I have seen the change with my mother knowing that her kids can see and speak with her as if he are right there sitting next to her. It helped so much during the covid lockdowns. Please invest in this device. Customer service is great if you have any issues. I truly mean this folks!

Marcia L, from Maryland
Love it!
Jul 07, 2021
I got the ViewClix for my mom who has Alzheimer's. It was so great to be able to connect with her daily, even through the pandemic when her memory care unit was locked down. She often thought I was sitting right there with her during our calls. I'm grateful the calls connect automatically because she would not be able to remember how to answer if she had to do something on her end. Thanks so much for a great product!

Judy B, from California
Thank you ViewClix!
Jul 01, 2021
As my Dad’s ability to use his phone decreased, ViewClix has provided the whole family to be able to connect with him. Especially during the pandemic, ViewClix has been priceless to help us connect both visually and auditorially, decrease his isolation and provide us a venue to share family pictures. I don’t know what we would have done without ViewClix. It is easy to set up and a must for families of aging parents who are not so tech savvy. Thank you ViewClix!

LaLise W, from Florida
Best gift ever
Jun 30, 2021
This has been the best thing for my 86 year old father. The whole Family can post pictures and video call him he thoroughly enjoys his "picture machine " 😊 The only downfall to this is the speaker is not loud enough but we make it work.

Denise P, from California
A much needed life line for Mom!
Jun 26, 2021
I ordered ViewClix for my now 95 year old mother last year. She's in memory care/assisted living and once again had lost her inexpensive cell phone and that combined with her being in lock down she needed something to keep us in touch with her. So having a device that's more of a permanent fixture in her room along with the option of family and friends who want to contact her by using a simple app was something worth checking out and I'm glad I did! We've uploaded over 100 photos and the captions explaining who's in the photo, etc., really keep her entertained and in touch with her family. A video call is so much more engaging for her as well. Other than the occasional unplugging of the device accidently by those who are taking care of her, we've had no issues since we set it up. The ease of this "do only one thing" type of device is an added plus, with no wide open internet or other distractions to have to deal with. I highly recommend!

Dirk R, from Colorado
ViewClix is a game changer
Jun 23, 2021
We currently have 25+ members of our family uploading photos and stories to ViewClix. Having a 93 year old mother who did not grow up...or learn...anything computer-related was a challenge when looking at various photo-sharing systems. We were won over by how simple using the video calling system is...for us...and my mom. In the words of any 23 year old...She "literally" does nothing except stand in front of the ViewClix! She doesn't activate it...she doesn't turn it off when done. If you want something simple...with a large screen (awesome)...ViewClix is the way to go.

Carol P, from Washington
Viewclix - Amazing Product
Jun 18, 2021
Viewclix has been an amazing way to connect with our Mother! She loves sitting in her chair and watching the pictures sent from her six children and many grand children from all over the country. Being able to video chat over the viewclix has been a vital way to stay connected especially during the pandemic. We are grateful for viewclix providing such a great product!

Clay S, from Texas
Easy in person communication
Jun 17, 2021
ViewClix has been a great way to communicate with my 97 year old mother while she’s been in assisted living. Particularly during covid when we couldn’t visit in person. I highly recommend. It’s easy to set up and operate.

Michael H, from North Carolina
Thank you!
Jun 17, 2021
Viewclix has helped my family stay in better contact with our 99 year old mother/grandmother and, especially in the period where we could have no physical contact with her, it provided the only eye-to-eye contact available to us.
We're very pleased with this service.

Allison M, from Washington
Saved My Mom's Life
Jun 15, 2021
We’ve been happy with the ViewClix and credit it with saving my mom’s life during the shutdown. She lives in independent living in a retirement facility. I could see that she was not doing well by our regular contact on ViewClix. We decided as a family that she needed to leave the retirement center to be with us for Christmas and that revealed that there was something really wrong. In January she was diagnosed with an previously undetected heart issue. The ViewClix has been key in allowing her to stay in touch with beloved friends and family.

Leona B, from California
Love It!
Jun 10, 2021
My 87-year-old father doesn't have a clue about today's technology. He can't even use a cell phone. That's why the ViewClix has been a joy! Dad doesn't have to do anything but be there when we call. He loves being able to see and talk with his family. And when he's not on a call, he loves to watch the digital display of pictures. He doesn't understand how any of it works, but he's so happy it does!

Aaron B, from Florida
A picture is worth a 1000 words
Jun 09, 2021
My mother lives at the other end of the country, so we don't get to see each other very often. We always have kept in touch with phone calls, and sometimes video chats via smartphone. Those worked okay, but when I heard about the ViewClix screen I thought I'd give it a try. It's been almost a year now, and we both love it. It has become our #1 means of communicating with one another. Having the larger screen really makes it feel more like being with that person. We can sit back and fit the whole family in the picture, and chat like we would if we were all in the room together. Nothing beats being there with your loved ones, but when you can't be there ViewClix is the next best thing.

Rebecca P, from Illinois
True Blessing
Jun 08, 2021
I have tears as I write this, in November 2019 we made the decision with our beautiful aunt for her to move to assisted living. We did not know that she would in essence be trapped there and we wouldn’t even be able to open the windows at some point to chat. Her cell phone got too confusing for her and so for her birthday I decided to do some research and find us a better way to communicate as the nurses were overwhelmed and trying to have them add fixing her phone was not a solution. I was able to find ViewClix and my family wondered why we didn’t just get FaceTime. I shared that it could be managed by us, shared only with our family, and we could share our pics with captions whenever we wanted. We utilized the frame so much and my aunt thanked me many times for the frame and my family was grateful for our memories made as well. We were able to share lots of moments and my kids loved visiting with their Eeny and she even got to see our pups. Thank you for giving us time that we didn’t know would end so soon before we got a chance to really spend lots of quality time in person. I recommend ViewClix to everyone now as an easy way especially for those with memory issues to keep your family’s connection. Thank you!!

Karen S, from New Jersey
My parents are not at all savvy when it comes to technology.
Jun 07, 2021
When I looked into ViewClix, it seemed like a device that they would be able to use easily. I was correct. My parents live far from me and it is not easy to visit them as often as I would like. I am so glad that I got this before the pandemic kept families apart. I am pleased that I have a way to see them and best of all share photos with them too. I know that they are also happy to have a way to see their children. You can use ViewClix using your phone or laptop.
Very good device and not costly.

Anthony M, from New York
Great product
May 29, 2021
An amazing product. Great for the elderly. There is nothing for them to change or mess up. You can video or send pictures from anywhere. After searching for a product like FaceTime I selected this and have been very happy with it. Would highly recommend!

Susan K, from Connecticut
Very happy with ViewClix
May 28, 2021
I purchased ViewClix for my mother who is in an assisted living facility. During COVID, I was unable to visit for almost a year and the ViewClix proved to be a great resource. I was able to see my mother and she could see me and also she watches the continuous slideshow of pictures of the great-grandchildren. It is extremely to add photos. I am very happy with this product.

Steven H, from Illinois
The Best - Thing - Ever
May 27, 2021
Mom's in assisted living, and at 87 she began having trouble using her cell phone. Then COVID hit, and everyone was locked down. ViewClix saved our family, and Moms sanity. We could visit anytime we wanted, and she was just thrilled. The next best part is that we could set it to auto answer so Mom didn't have to do a thing.
Thank you ViewClix!!!!!!!!!

Michael M, from Florida
Life saver
May 27, 2021
This has been a life saver during the pandemic and will continue to be a great asset even after we return to normal. Everyone who has someone in their life who may get intimidated or overwhelmed with technology should look at ViewClix. It’s an easy, reliable and wonderful way to communicate with anyone. The options of using the remote or total hands free settings are brilliant. My mom’s ViewClix turns on at 9 am, off at 8 pm and will ring in her room and connect without her lifting a finger. The living photo gallery is awesome as well.

Eric G, from New York
May reduce dementia progression.
May 21, 2021
Love ViewClix! This device has helped my elderly mother with dementia remain in independent living at an age-in-place facility. She has always had difficulty with technology. She would not be able to use zoom, FaceTime or any similar device without someone else there with her. Her memory issues drastically worsened during the onset of the pandemic and she was isolated. I then purchased a ViewClix unit. I now see and speak with her daily, even though we are separated by 2000 miles. I take daily walks in a scenic area and share my scenery with her. I see the memory decline progression reduced to some extent. The only minor glitch is that on some rare occasions, the unit will not “accept” my call, even when no one else is communicating with her.

Bradley T, from California
Just what we needed
May 19, 2021
The ViewClix frame has been an absolute savior during the pandemic. My mother lives in assisted living in the Chicago area while my brother and I are on the opposite coasts. The frame is effortless for my mom because we initiate the video calls. Our families can see Mom and send pictures to the frame to keep her engaged in our lives. I highly recommend ViewClix frames.

Francis M, from Michigan
Solid Family Security
May 12, 2021
My family has been using the ViewClix video frame purchased for our 92 year old Dad for the last 10 months, and it's absolutely great. It works as designed and he loves it, especially since it's set to no touch/auto answer mode. All my siblings (local and out of state), along w nephews/nieces love it too. They all call him, and as an Administrator, you have full ACL control.
One can upload digital frame photos to the AWS server (ViewClix Cloud) from any network enabled device with no monthly recurring charges. My brother uploaded his son's baseball game photos live from the field without issues.
When the Frame is called from any Viewclix client-enabled smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, the recipient hears a doorbell chime, and then the slideshow fades away and is replaced by the caller in full 15" (or optional 10") frame size. Even if the recipient isn't there to receive the call, the auto answer setting results in it automatically going through with full audio enabled. A cool secondary security feature. When the call is complete, the slideshow returns automatically within 4 seconds or so.
It's one of the best investments for family security that I've made in a while.

Tom K, from Florida
Super Helpful Device
May 11, 2021
I recently relocated from Europe to the US. ViewClix has given me the possibility to stay easily in touch with my 90 year old mom (and my brother). The cross-attlantic communication workd great. The regularly uploaded new images are much enjoyed. My mom has zero computer experience and loves the simplicity of the device.
Tip: For more comfort and added viewer and listening experience, we mounted the device on a monitor stand and added external extra speakers..

Dave E, from California
Mom hasn’t felt so close in years
May 11, 2021
ViewClix has greatly helped me feel more a part of my elderly mom’s life. I live on the opposite side of the country from her. It is a great way for us to see each other and keep in touch. I specially these days since my dad is gone and she has moved into a retirement community. Also, due to early dementia it is something that works for her as she could not operate a phone or other device to try to video chat. I just call and we are connected. I am the youngest child and we are tight. She doesn’t stop commenting how much she loves the ViewClix. My other brother that is remote uses it as well. He likes to post pictures of his travels to her screen. This has been a great addition for us to keep in touch with mom! I am thankful for it.

Robert K, from Arizona
Great for my mom, age 92
May 11, 2021
Great product. I am the administrator and it is very easy to set up and manage. Since my mom doesn’t have to do anything to answer, it’s much easier than Apple or Windows products for FaceTime etc. My mom has trouble hearing the internal speaker, So I had to add a pair of speakers. Because of the extra wires and space of the add-on speakers, it would be nice if ViewClix upgraded the system so the volume could be adjusted by the administrator.

Liz S, from Colorado
Pictures great, video chat not so much
May 10, 2021
I like the idea of this, the pictures are awesome but video chatting doesn't always work well. Networks and WiFi's are obviously out of our personal control but that seems to be the explanation for any issues we've had and reported on. If you don't control the WiFi on the side of the viewer then it seems you are out of luck and can only hope for the best.

Maureen K, from New York
A Godsend!
May 05, 2021
As soon as everything shut down last year, I ordered the ViewClix so my family and I could stay in touch with my Mom. I only wish I knew about this amazing product sooner. I would have purchased it as soon as she moved into assisted living well before the Covid shutdowns. It’s so simple to use. Mom only has to sit down in front of the ViewClix frame to enjoy the faces and voices of her loved ones. Thank you for giving us this lifeline!

Janice S, from Indiana
Helpful way to connect
May 04, 2021
My mom loves her ViewClix! She can see the ways her infant great-grandson grew through his first year of life. She has pictures to remind her of recent family visits. When my mom needed to call 911, ViewClix offered me, her daughter, such an important window into her home. I conversed with the paramedics and helped answer questions as they did a medical evaluation. She felt so comforted to know I was "there" with her. It's been an excellent way to connect during this time of limited visits in the pandemic.

Darlene R, from Maine
May 02, 2021
My mom is 91 and COVID was very lonely with very few people being able to visit. It was a very difficult time for her as she is a very social person. I did a lot of research to find a secure product and found ViewClix. It is safe and easy. The administrator gives access to family members or friends who get invited to join ViewClix to make video calls. I set the ViewClix up so she doesn’t have to push any buttons to answer it. She loves the slideshow so she can see current photos of all her family. The admin is easy to use and I can program the ViewClix to turn on and off at whatever hour we want. . This is definitely a wonderful way to visit with an elderly person remotely and keep them engaged with family and friends. I have recommended this device to many people who have elderly parents. It really is a wonderful device and the price is so reasonable definitely worth every penny. We got the larger screen as it is easier for her to see. We did set up speakers but that was really easy to do. Thank you ViewClix for such a great product.

David W, from South Carolina
Very Pleased
Apr 28, 2021
We have been very pleased with our ViewClix particularly during the pandemic.
We actually set ours up before the pandemic so we were already calling her on it and speaking face-to-face.
We found all very easy to learn and use. So then it became very helpful during the pandemic.
We have other friends who have other brands which are changing pictures only., no face-to-face phone-call ability.
So we feel we have an advantage with ViewClix
We have also recommended it to friends during the pandemic that we wish we could talk face-to-face with. Many older folks do not have smart phones with FaceTime.
So thank you, ViewClix. Pandemic or pandemic in the past, we expect to use it for many years with our sweet mother.

David H, from Indiana
Perfect Choice For Dad
Apr 28, 2021
Dad (94) is having increasing difficulties with technology. The iPad we gave him quickly became too complicated and he is having problems with his phone and TV remote, both of which he has had for 10+ years.
I'm the closest of his three children, and he is unwilling to move away from the area he has spent his entire life. I needed something that required minimal input from Dad, and that I can manage from 50 miles away.
The ViewClix was the answer. I can manage his daily picture slideshow, adding and removing pictures from my house via internet. Also, my sisters and I can video chat with him, without any action required on his part. I can control when the slideshow starts and stops, and the volume of video chats.
This has turned out to be the perfect screen for my Dad and a godsend over this pandemic when visitation to his assisted living facility prohibited for months at a time. I'm so glad my wife discovered it online and brought it to my attention.

Annamarie M, from Oregon
Just what we needed!
Apr 27, 2021
The ViewClix is just what we needed. My parents are over the age of 80 and are not comfortable with technology. This device is handsfree on their end. Also, it offers the security of allowing one trusted family member to manage who has access to it.
The video chat allows us to stay connected in a way that simple phone calls just don't allow. In addition to the video chat - we can post pictures that scroll during the day and let them see what their grandkids are up to. We can post reminders (we mostly use it for excise reminders).
The device is very basic in it's features - but that is just what my parents need.

Tara P, from Kentucky
Apr 26, 2021
Bought this for my 85 year old grandma. She chose to learn technology NEVER and wasn't interested. Our family has over 60 people. This ViewClix allowed family to call and see her. I love the feature that she does not have to do anything. The hardest problem I had was that she would unplug it every night in the beginning because she though it didn't need to use electricity all night. After several explanations that it automatically shuts off an on by itself and putting a note on the plug saying "DO NOT UNPLUG," it has been a blessing to utilize. I highly recommend this product.
The only feature I would like to see added is being able to share videos.

Colleen H, from Minnesota
We stay in Touch with Dad
Apr 22, 2021
When Dad's Memory Care facility closed to all visitors for the pandemic and he was unable to hear callers on the phone, the staff recommended ViewClix as a solution. Despite a few hitches, it really got us through those times. Even now, when visitors are permitted, my two sisters who don't live in this area are able to visit with him, which means alot to both Dad and my sisters. He also enjoys the slide show, which helps him to remember past times.

Elizabeth Q, from Illinois
best thing to come out of 2020
Apr 15, 2021
The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the frame can occasionally be a little glitchy. It can lose connection to wifi occasionally and one of the two frames we purchased occasionally cuts off on calls (that may of course be more of a wifi issue in that house than the frame, but we haven't been able to narrow it down yet.)
My family purchased two - one for my parents, and one for my aunt. Both households don't have smartphones and during the worst of the quarantine, these frames were the most amazing gift we could have all experienced. My parents and aunt were so incredibly happy just to have the pictures coming in, let alone to be able to see their family through video calls.
The simplicity of the design is exactly what we were after, and it has been a wonderful experience for all. My parents and aunt are intimidated by technology and they love their frames so much because it asks nothing of them! Just to enjoy. Thank you for thinking about the real needs of seniors like them when you created this product.

Tymber C, from California
Don't hesitate! ViewClix is Terrific Product / Amazing Customer Experience
Apr 09, 2021
Our Mom's mental acuity and ability to operate even familiar things like her remote control or telephone declined sharply a year ago... and then Pandemic & LOCKDOWN hit. Without regular visits and assistance, things got very difficult very quickly. VIEWCLIX changed our lives! First, the owner of the company answered the phone when I called with some questions. Each step communication from the wait-list to ordering process went 100% as planned. Our 15" screen arrived and there simply wasn't anything to getting it up and running---they have made it SO simple. Our Mom's joy at seeing our faces and our relief at her not needing to "answer" a phone (if she can find the phone) for us to be able to connect with her is just a HUGE BENEFIT to all. Plus it's sooo fun to share photos and captions to keep her engaged at what's going on even when we're not video chatting. We use the reminder card feature less but it IS cool and gets her attention. VIEWCLIX sits front and center near her favorite chair & it is probably the BEST thing we bought last year. We've had zero issues related to the device--it is an elegant design AND appears to be built like a tank. We did have to get a replacement remote along the way (because it was "lost" and we couldn't go look for it)---the replacement arrived quickly and they even thought to include a pre-paired receiver so we were up and running as simply as plugging in a USB drive. Customer experience is top-notch!! ViewClix is a distance game-changer & especially for those excluded by overly sophisticated tablets, phones, etc. this GIVES a way to see your loved ones. What a tremendous product--10-stars!!

Josh W, from California
It's Great
Apr 03, 2021
The ViewClix has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. With my mom in a nursing home and visitors not allowed this has been our only form of communication. My family is extremely grateful to have found this product!

Mary S, from Minnesota
Best purchase of the year!
Mar 12, 2021
We purchased the frame for our 88 yr old mother who lives independently in a Sr. Home during Covid. Lockdown. It took us a couple months to get into her house to install it, but it has been a lifesaver. Super easy installation, crystal clear photos. The little grandkids now can visit with her & see her on video chat. I set it up so it is completely hands free.-she cannot handle touching any buttons or dials. She hears the doorbell & knows someone is on the screen. On days I can’t get in touch with her when she accidentally doesn’t disconnect from the phone, I can check on her via video. It gives us a lot of peace.
I looked at many cameras, kept going back to this. Very, very happy. No issues. Highly Recommend. Great product. Thanks ViewClix!
Worth every penny!!

Christopher M, from Washington
Highly recommended
Mar 05, 2021
In early 2020 just as the global pandemic started we were fortunate to find and purchase this amazing product. I've recommended to all of my friends and co-workers who have aging parents. The frame comes pre-configured and only needing to connect to an Internet source. My wife's parents are not technical people. This frame is ideal for them. There is nothing they need to do to answer our video calls. When we hang up, the frame immediately converts back to a digital picture frame that our extended family loves to upload photos remotely from their phones. Early on, I had a couple of questions regarding the purchase of a small table top stand and received wonderful customer service. The unit does have a built in stand, but the ability to use a third-party stand gave us greater flexibility with the camera angle of the frame. We also added power computer speakers to the frame as well since my father-in-law has hearing challenges. This is also a wonderful design feature since every environment can be different.
When my in-laws facility went into lock-down mode due to the pandemic this was a fantastic way to "pop in" and say hello and check up on them. This made my in-laws not feel so isolated from the family. If you have seniors, get this amazing product! Your seniors will truly appreciate the simplicity and connectivity with family.

Lisa O, from Colorado
So wonderful and perfect!
Mar 05, 2021
I purchased ViewClix in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic because I was unable to go visit my 96 year old grandmother at her home (she lives alone). I cannot tell you how this saved our hearts knowing she was okay. I would check in her several times a day and this frame gave me piece of mind. Without this frame I might have had a nervous breakdown with worry. She is able to view photos which kept her mind sharp and remembering her loved ones. This frame is the best thing for anyone with a senior who is disconnected from the world at times. I highly recommend it to all my friends.

Nancy H, from Washington
Mar 04, 2021
View Clix is a wonderful device for people who are in assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are not computer literate. Our friend is one of these people. It allows him the ability to see his caller (family/friends) instead of just talking on the phone. The pictures that are uploaded allows him to stay current with family especially during this Covid time when he cannot have visitors.

Laura B, from Kansas
Mar 04, 2021
My parents have no way to FaceTime or any other alternative. We bought them the view cliix and it has been phenomenal. They got to see their first grandchild who lives in Florida and we keep them up-to-date as we live in Kansas but my parents live in New Hampshire. So it has been just great

Carol R, from Connecticut
Invaluable for my elderly Mom!
Mar 03, 2021
This has been a treasure for our family. My Mom is 98 yrs old and definitely not tech savvy. ViewClix allows us to have video calls with her where she doesn't need to do anything but receive the calls. We tried it that she would have to click on the clicker to receive the call but that didn't work for her. So, now we can call her, see her, visit with her, share our home renovations and grandkids and it just brightens all of our days!

Julie E, from Pennsylvania
Strongly recommend ViewClix!
Mar 02, 2021
We LOVE ViewClix!!! My 98-year-old father is in assisted living, and I have not been able to have in-person visits with him during the pandemic (whereas before the pandemic, I visited him almost daily.) We looked at a lot of different options, and we found ViewClix to be the BEST! We use it EVERY DAY!!! We added external speakers because Dad is hard of hearing, and we communicate clearly. If I can't call at our usual time, I can put a sticky note to him on the screen as it scrolls through family photos. And best of all, anyone with a computer or smart phone can log in (or use the app) and call him! It's meant so much to my father, who has stayed connected to us throughout the long pandemic. The nurses even recommend it to other families, since they have been so impressed! I strongly recommend ViewClix!

Mark D, from Maryland
Dad's Viewclix
Feb 28, 2021
I have talked to my Dad on the video using Viewclix EVERY DAY since April 1, 2020. I have talked to him more in the last 12 months than I have in my whole life. This is no exaggeration. My Dad is 92, in an assisted living facility where he is restricted from going out unless it is to a Dr appt, and I live 1/2 the country away and cannot visit him anyway! I have recommended this devise to many friends who report the same results. Great product - it is all it is advertised to be.

LeeAnne K, from Missouri
Our Family Loves It
Feb 27, 2021
My grandma (83 years young) does not like a smart phone and doesn't do FaceTime so to find a product that works excellent for all our family needs to reach her to video chat with her and send her pictures of our growing baby boy (8 months) we absolutely love this product! Wish you could send videos to the monitor but other than that it works great!

DESIREE F, from Indiana
Viewclix life saver
Feb 15, 2021
I have a friend who is 97 with serious hearing loss so she never hears her house phone. She loss both her daughters to illness and her husband so she lives alone. I lived across the street we became very close when I moved had a issue with reaching her because she never hears her phone, upon research I discovered viewclix a life saver and I put pictures of her daughters for screensaver she is happy and I'm able to always reach her.

Peter J, from New York
Reliablity in Times of Isolation and Fear
Feb 13, 2021
If there is one piece of technology I can recommend to families with senior parents during this time of Covid and beyond, it would be the Viewclix, without a doubt.
For my mom, who lives alone, I purchased the 15.6" screen that was a piece of cake to setup and easy to maintain remotely. From updating pictures to starting and ending calls, there is nothing my mom has to do other than to sit in front of the screen and enjoy our company.
With the Viewclix app I can easily add family members and friends to the secure calling list so they can call and entertain my mom from anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no worries of any "virus" transmissions here. Everyone can stay safe in their bubbles and still connect as a family.
The note pad feature is another great feature, especial when it comes to reminding my mom when it is time for her to take her medication or other things she that happens to slip her mind. Again, these notes are posted and deleted remotely.
With my mobile app I am able to remotely manage my mom's screen, update the picture slide show, set and adjust the screen activity schedule, and reset the device.
The Viewclix microphone works great, even when my mom decides to head off to the kitchen to grab a snack. The microphone can still pick up her conversation.
To assist my mom's hearing, I purchased a pair of computer speakers with an independent power source that I plugged into the Viewclix 3.5" jack. This allowed me to substantially increase the volume on the sound, so my mom can still here our end of the conversation whenever she decides to step away from the screen for something.
For my mom, the Viewclix is a God send. For me and the rest of my family, this is not only a means of lifting my mom out of isolation by connecting with her grandkids on a regular basis, but a big WOW of a simply user friendly piece of technology during these complex times we live in.

Andrew K, from Texas
Problem Solved!
Feb 11, 2021
My mother, who just had her 100th birthday, lives in Florida while the rest of her family are scattered around the US and Mexico. We used to use Skype to video chat with her but that interface became too complicated for her to use due to physical limitations (getting to and using the computer), eyesight problems, etc. We discovered ViewClix last year and it has been the perfect solution for her.
I had the unit shipped to me in Texas and I was able to pre-configure it for her home wifi network and then send it to her. It was then a simple plug-and-play setup to install it.
The auto-answer function makes it incredibly easy for my mom. Even though she is hearing impaired, she can hear and recognize the "ringtone" of the ViewClix which is located on the side table at her favorite recliner in the living room and respond to calls as they come in. Even with her impaired vision she can hold the ViewClix in her lap, or bring it close to her face to see the smiling faces of her friends and family when they call.
I purchased the smaller of the two size options, not knowing if it was large enough for her to see easily, but it has been an incredibly helpful and positive addition to my mom's life and I have recommended it to other member's of my extended family for their parents as well.

Jim B, from Maryland
Are you Kidding?!
Feb 10, 2021
This is the best thing that we could have ever invested in for my mother currently in assisted living. This literally got her through the Covid Pandemic when we couldn't take her to see her new great granddaughter. It is soooo easy to use and even for us old school folk that are not necessarily savvy with computers etc. Great addition to our family and you will not be disappointed.
Would give it a 10 star rating if I could!

Sabrina M, from Maine
Fantastic for dementia!
Feb 10, 2021
My grandmother has dementia and was forgetting who everyone was. Her daughter "Barbara" was being called "Irene," another family member. She couldn't tememver

Jennifer G, from Michigan
Feb 10, 2021
I got one for my grandfather and one for my mother in a nursing home. It's great to share photos. Would be better if it had the ability to call out.

Mario C, from Massachusetts
BEST device ever to communication with my parents
Feb 10, 2021
Installed this device 3 months before Covid 19 at a nursing home.
Little did I know that it would be my lifeline to my mother for the next year. My mother has moved back home a few months ago and we continue to use it daily. It allows our family members to share photos of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. So easy to use and it ALWAYS works!!
Forget telephone calls, you got to get one. You'll be glad you did. Extremely reliable. And I'm happy I made chose ViewClix

Therese T, from 
The light in her eyes !!!
Feb 06, 2021
Mom is isolated because of COVID. We talked on the phone a lot and they were happy conversations. But I will forever remember the light in her eyes and the smile on her face when she saw me on the screen for the first time and so joyfully shouted my name ! The best surprise party reaction ever! I put music on and we dance, we do our exercise routine and we give each other the best virtual hugs holding our shoulders tight! And our chin wags are so much better because we get all the non verbal cues. All that words cannot express but that can be seen in loving eyes can now be shared. Any button or step she would need to take to use a device , no matter how easy in the mind of some, would not work for her. Gratitude to the team that makes this possible .

Jody L, from Tennessee
Life Saver
Feb 04, 2021
We purchased the 15 inch model last summer well into the pandemic lock down. It helped us lower our mother's anxiety and depression where she lives in a memory care facility. For her it is like we just dropped by for a visit. This fall she had major surgery and it was difficult for her to make sense of what was going on. When we were able to move the device to her temporary room she immediately began to improve. For us, the device is a life saver!

Annette  L, from Indiana
Staying in Touch
Jan 22, 2021
During these hard times with the pandemic and isolation of the elderly, ViewClix has the best solution.
I was so excited today when I got to video chat with my mother for the first time. I have not seen been able to see her smile in a while because she always has to have a mask on at her facility. But being in the privacy of her own apartment, she was able to video chat without a mask. What a beautiful simile!
She said that she would rather watch the slideshow pictures of the grandkids and the great grandkids than watch TV!
Great job ViewClix and thank you!!!!

Debbie E, from Wisconsin
Wonderful Product!
Dec 22, 2020
I ordered a viewclix for my 90 year old mother who has been locked in her assisted living facility since March. We would visit thru the window in the summer but now it is cold outside and she has been locked in her room for a month due to covid hitting her building. I ordered a view clix and it has been a god send!
The family can call her on the view clix and it's close to being together, we can see her face and she can see ours as we talk.
We can show each other things and I play bingo with her over it to give her something to do. It is simple to set up, easy to use, I can't say enough about how great it has been for us.
She does not have to do anything except sit in front of it when I call to talk.

Michael C, from New Jersey
Dec 16, 2020
My father has been "locked down" in an assisted care community though out this Covid Crisis. ViewClix has helped my whole family keep in touch with my father and helped him feel more a part through the holidays. He loves getting new photographs loaded to his tablet and for somebody that is not tech savvy at all(89 years young), he finds it very easy to use. Thanks ViewClix!

Cristina  F, from Maryland
Life changer
Dec 12, 2020
This product is brilliant and has been a life changer for my mom. We've had this for 6 months. My mom has memory issues, and the ease of use has made video chats possible. We've tried other video chat platforms, and they always led to frustration for her. To be able to see her and her see us helps emotionally, but also practically, allowing us to verify that she took her meds, etc. Without this, we would have sent her to the hospital multiple times, especially with all the COVID restrictions for visiting in person. Also, sharing photos and notes with her has been amazing. Customer service has been prompt, professional and courteous (They care about the customers and the product.). We recommend this for any senior in your life who has a hard time with tech, but especially for people with memory issues - in isolation. We don't know how we would have gotten through COVID 2020 without ViewClix. Thank you ViewClix!

Brian W, from Arkansas
Great Support
Nov 18, 2020
We've had the frame for close to a year. What a lifesaver during the pandemic! We used it daily to stay in touch with my 94-year-old mother. One minor glitch with the camera quality led me to request warranty service. They were responsive, dealt with the issue and quickly returned the frame. And thank heavens for that, My mom misses the constant updates of photos. She even knows exactly how many are on it (over 100). ViewClix is highly recommended.

Toby E, from New Jersey
Great way to keep an eye on mom
Nov 13, 2020
I want to say I'm a Social worker that's worked with the elderly for over 40 years. I feel this is a great product. During the pandemic we can only see my 96 year old mom outdoors she's in Assisted Living. ViewClix gives me a way to see her more often she can see her great-grand children, grandchildren nieces and nephews and others. I can visit and interact with her. I live out if state a few months a year this gives me a way to check in on my mom and keep in touch. Its not only good for my moms mental health but for my entire family. So easy to use and set up too!!

GINGER A, from Wisconsin
A MUST for SENIORS ESPECIALLY during the Pandemic!
Nov 02, 2020
Our Mother is 93 and in a long term care facility. View-Clix-15 has saved our Mother and our family! It helps us to stay connected. I call her every day at meal time. We get to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together. Her sister in California can call and they can see each other. It has allowed us to stay on top of any health changes that we notice by being able to see her and not just talk on a phone. We keep changing the photos to keep her up with what our families are up to. Our family can't say enough positives about ViewClix! Every Care facility should have one for every patient! We had ours installed on a medical articulating arm mounted to the wall by her bed.

Cary B, from New Jersey
Just what we needed
Oct 28, 2020
Excellent product. Extremely easy to use . Just what we needed to keep in touch with our 84 year mother suffering g from dementia. She is able to see and speak with her children and grandchildren who live in different states of USA and in Europe every day. Love the product.

Lisa O, from Colorado
Simply Wonderful!
Sep 22, 2020
I have a 96 year old Grandmother that I have to take care of and who is having difficulty walking around her apartment. Shortly after the pandemic started, I purchased a ViewClix frame to keep in touch with her and keep her safe. I cannot begin to tell you how extremely important this was to me and to her at this time of isolation for everyone. This allowed us to see one another and speak to one another at the same time several times a day. This made my heart so happy. I can check on her to make sure she is safe in bed. I can send her photos of all her loved ones. This frame gave me piece of mind! This frame gave my Grandmother a feeling of connection with her loved ones while being stuck in her apartment and isolated from the world. I honestly feel it would have been total devastation to me not being able to see her any time I wanted. ViewClix, what a great idea for the elderly, whoever thought of this technology, you are a genius, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been recommending this frame to ALL my friends/family. Thank you so much!

Deborah M, from Florida
Sep 07, 2020
Dear ViewClix,
I just want to say "THANK YOU" so much for this wonderful product. I have been a 'word of mouth' advertiser to those who have loved ones either in a senior community or are homebound, and to healthcare providers (they too have loved ones that they are not able to visit because of COVID) with my family's experience since ViewClix was installed in my Mother's residence.
My Mother has her ViewClix in her living area, sitting next to her chair, so she can see the pictures and also receive the well needed calls. Loneliness is so real in all senior communities today, and this does give her the sense of connection in real time!
There are many of us, loved ones are in senior communities, and because of COVID, they have little to no visitors, this device will lift their spirits. My Mother will soon meet her 3rd great-grandchild, via ViewClix, since he was born on Friday!
Again, thank you and many blessings!

Leslie O, from Ohio
Absolutely great!
Aug 21, 2020
My Mom is 92 with mild dementia. I was looking for a low tech, fool proof way to video chat with her. There are numerous ways to do this but they seemed too high tech for her and for me. I just wanted something simple. We have been very happy with ViewClix. It worked right away, no problems. She lives in assisted living and I did get her her own internet connection instead of trying to use the community wi-fi. I also purchased a pair of small speakers that you would use for your computer and she could hear much better. It is wonderful to be able to see each other now and she does not have to do anything at all on her end. I had one glitch but Doug from the support group emailed me back the next morning so I am very impressed with the service. This is exactly what I was looking for and is such a great gift for our family and my Mom to be able to connect. Visual connection means so much!

Trisha O, from California
Love it!
Aug 03, 2020
We recently bought a ViewClix for my Mother in Law who was moving into an assisted living home. We received it before she moved and she was sit and watch the pictures at meal time and loved it. Now she enjoys talking face to face with her grandkids, friends and family. The grandkids love sending her current pics and labeling them for her. This has been the best gift especially with the current restrictions of Covid.

Steve M, from Florida
Jul 10, 2020
My parents are in their late 80's and are in an assisted living facility. My Dad has Alzheimer's. Due to Covid 19 we (their children) have not been able to visit with them in close to 5 months. For the most part they a confined to their room with meals brought into them, etc..
We purchased ViewClix for them about a month ago and it has been a Godsend. I would not be exaggerating by saying that it has become the focal point of their lives.
Great product, simple to set up and program to their needs.
Thank you ViexClix!

Janice M, from Texas
Exactly What We Needed
Jul 09, 2020
We have been looking for something like this for two years!! My 93 yr old mom is in assisted living and using a remote, telephone, etc. is very difficult for her. The ViewCiix is absolutely perfect for her and our family! The images are clear, the sound is great and set up is so easy. This is truly THE answer to staying connected to our elderly loved ones during the pandemic, I'm going to tell everyone I know! My six siblings and I can't thank you enough.

Tim O, from Nebraska
Assisted Living
Jun 26, 2020
After looking around and going through reviews we decided on the 10" ViewClix. The wait was worth it.
With Covid-19, it was hard not being able to go in and see our mom.
So we just got mom setup yesterday. The hardest part (which wasn't that hard) was figuring out how to get this done with 0 access to her. I was able to setup the wifi at the front of the Assisted Living Center she is at and having a staff member set it in place for her. She doesn't like computers so her not having to do anything is great. It has already been used several times, so we could finally talk while actually being able to see each other. She also likes that she gets to see outside of the building she's been stuck in. Other family members also really like it.
This is really easy to setup and use. Highly recommend

Nancy S, from Massachusetts
Jun 26, 2020
The ViewClix Smart Frame is the next best thing to being there - and that's saying alot during this unprecedented time. I'm almost 1,000 miles away from my mother and have been worried sick for her safety and well-being.
The isolation brought on by the past few months had been especially concerning. But no more! In addition to the built-in features of posting photos and sticky notes, I 'm now virtually able to play games with my mother,
share meals together, check-in with her multiple times a day, and most importantly laugh together and see that wonderful, sweet smile on her face. We were even able to share her birthday together which without Viewclix would have been my first to
have ever missed. The technology and customer support behind Viewclix is a wonderful gift for you and your family!

Eugenia K, from South Carolina
Jun 20, 2020
My elderly mother lives in a retirement home that has been on lock-down since March 2020 due to Covid 19 precautions. Her first great-grandchild was born recently so we sent her an Ipad to enable her to FaceTime with us. She was unable to work it so we returned it. I ordered a ViewClix and she needed a little help connecting to the Wifi from the retirement home staff, but then she was able to see her great-grandchild! Each day someone in our family now sends her pictures and helps her feel less isolated! Thank-you, ViewClix!

Margot B, from Texas
WOW! Amazing and oh so helpful!
Jun 19, 2020
We just received the ViewClix after being on the wait list. And - WOW!
This is a great product, easy to use, the app even easier for those we are setting up to communicate with our elderly Aunt in assisted living. I can't tell you how challenging its been with technology and helping her to remain in touch, and I wish I knew about this product early on.
Now that we have it, I will make sure to keep it!
I am hoping that Doctors and other Providers also accept the use of this - to see their patients as they need to!

Bill S, from Texas
Reconnecting with Mom during Pandemic
Jun 04, 2020
Our mother is in memory care. She is 88. When we were restricted from entering her building at the beginning of the Pandemic in March, we were prepared to make the sacrifice happily in order to keep her and all the precious residence safe. We love the place she is because her caregivers are amazing. As the weeks passed, my three sisters and I new that we had to reconnect with Mom in her room, a regular activity for each of us prior to the Pandemic. Then my sister, the eldest, found ViewClix. This week was the first time we could actually connect on a meaningful level with Mom. My first call was two days ago. My heart sore when mom saw me in the video screen and smiled with such surprise to see me. I know each of my sisters is enjoying keeping Mom company, and checking things in her room to make sure she has what she needs. It's been a blessed experience!

Mary F, from California
Jun 01, 2020
On day 78 of her Indiana retirement community's shutdown, an aide set up my 94-yr-old mother's new ViewClix Frame and we were finally able to see each other again. (I’m in California.) Mom no longer has a computer and email, let alone the technology to enjoy FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. The TV remote and the phone are a challenge for her these days. She LOVES her ViewClix Frame. The slideshow of family photos refresh treasured memories, and she looks forward to having video chats with her 7 children, 15 grandchildren & 5, (going-on-6), great-grandchildren. We can leave her notes and reminders to brighten her day. Life hasn't returned to normal yet, but it's a lot less boring and lonely. And everyone is so relieved to be reunited with her again. Thanks so much to Rob Ranck and the entire ViewClix team. The frame is a godsend.

Dean O, from Minnesota
Many Thanks
May 27, 2020
ViewClix has been such a tremendous gift to our family while our father was in an assisted living in Minnesota. For those who live far away from our father, it served as the only real opportunity to be able to not only speak with him, but see his smiling face. Covid-19 changed that even more for family members who were able to visit him personally on a more frequent basis. We are forever grateful for this great tool and strongly recommend it for all families as an extremely easy and effective way to engage with family members. Many Thanks to you and your team.

Elen C, from New York
Bringing our far flung family closer together
May 26, 2020
With your device, my siblings, our families, our cousins and I have been able to stay connected with our grandmother who is 90 years old. This is no small feat as my grandmother is in South Carolina, our cousins are in California, and my siblings are in Ireland and Vietnam. My siblings haven’t seen my grandmother in years and now they talk every other day. I am truly thankful for your product.

Kary C, from Virginia
Consider purchasing for your loved ones
May 19, 2020
Do you have a parent or grandparent that is not computer or tech savvy like I do? We decided to purchase a ViewClix for my father as a gift and I must say it was worth every penny! It took about 5 minutes to set the ViewClix up and get it running. We invited friends and family to share their pictures and be able to make video phone calls. My dad doesn't have to do anything - no learning how to use the system, just watch the pictures and enjoy the phone calls. This is the perfect gift for your family member at this difficult time!

Gene S, from Iowa
Great Customer Service
May 05, 2020
We purchased a ViewClix frame in January to keep in touch with my Mom. She lives in a nursing home several hours away.
The frame was accidentally knocked off a table onto the floor and the camera was broken.
I called ViewClix support described the accident and they immediately determined that they could and would fix it. They clearly described how to best send it back to them for repair. The communication with support was clear, efficient, and fast.
This whole process was completed in just a little more than a week. This is amazing and I am so thankful for their care.
Thank you ViewClix. During this time when long term care facilities are quarantined, we can still keep in contact with my Mom.

Sally H, from Wisconsin
Simple and Amazing!
Apr 27, 2020
This has been an amazing experience from the start! I was on a wait list that was faster than anticipated; I had customer service that was perfect; My frame arrived sooner than you said it would. These are all amazing but what really matters is that my 90 year old mom learned to operate the frame in a very short time. She has been sad during this time and watching her face light up while seeing her great grandchildren brought tears to my eyes. She is so excited and I can't express how grateful I am that you have this amazing product.

David Z, from Nevada
ViewClix at Mom’s
Apr 17, 2020
I’m in NV and Mom’s in PA with an increasing level of memory loss at 91.
ViewClix is a simple & highly reliable tool for me to use as a video conference with her. No buttons to push or anything to remember. Call is initiated from me to the base unit at her home seamlessly.
Great product, no subscription fees and highly reliable.
The ability to upload photos, reminder notes, etc to display on the screen is also very useful.
Highly recommended.

Brenda P, from Nebraska
Great product!
Apr 16, 2020
My parents have lived the country life their entire lives and have never been interested in learning technology. With my siblings & I being spread out all over the map, we wanted a way to at least see them and send pictures more often. They don’t even have a cell phone capable of receiving photos. When we found the ViewClix, it seemed like the perfect option. We got them an internet device through their cell provider and set everything up for them. They enjoy the video calls and pictures so much and can keep up with family now! Thanks for making this possible. 😊

Tracey C, from Indiana
Wonderful for seniors!
Apr 02, 2020
My folks are in their 70s and 80s and quarantined in another state. I set up ViewClix for them last year and I couldn't be happier that I did. I can check in on them any time and once it is hooked up to wifi, there is nothing they need to do. I just call and it turns on. I manage the account from my phone and determine who can video call them. If you have seniors in your life, this is wonderful!

Dan C, from California
Staying connected during COVID-19
Mar 31, 2020
Our mom is not happy about being on lockdown at her assisted living facility, but she is happy to be able to talk to us on her ViewClix! And so are we!

Janet S, from Kentucky
We love it!
Mar 27, 2020
My mother is 96 and has a difficult time with technology. She is in a nursing home that was suddenly closed to visitors due to the Coronavirus. Your product has been a lifesaver. We are able to video chat with her every day and she does not have to touch the ViewClix at all. We are all able to upload pictures whenever we want. I can edit how they appear on her picture frame from my account. Your product is awesome! Thanks.

Philip V, from Wisconsin
A True God-Send in this Time of Crisis
Mar 26, 2020
In these forced stay-at-home mandates and with health facilities completely locked down, ViewClix is a god-send. We purchased for our mother last Christmas so we could have video calls, post pictures of family events to help her remember, and use post-it notes features to reminder her of important things like Packer Games! Thank you for creating a device that truly keeps us closer to our mother.

Chris S, from Colorado
Love ViewClix
Mar 25, 2020
I purchased ViewClix for my aging parents. I have the unit set up facing their couch so when I call I can easily see them. Everyone in my family can send photos to the unit at any time. My parents needed something very simple and they absolutely love hearing the "ding" that new pictures have arrived. It really keeps us all close.

Judy M, from Ohio
Mom loves it!
Mar 25, 2020
Mom has dementia and this has been a godsend for keeping her in touch with family living too far away to visit in person. Easy to use, she doesn’t need to learn anything to use it. Just make sure wifi is strong.

Lee Ann B, from Texas
Awesome Communicator!
Mar 11, 2020
My husband and I are full-time RVers. When we started our journey a few years ago my 94 year old Mother in assisted living would get depressed not seeing us as often and only hearing my voice via phone. I stumbled upon the ViewClix and purchased it for Christmas 2018. Our next trip away from her for 2 months went by quickly for her as she saw me every evening when I called and enjoyed the frequently changing picture show of what we were doing in our travels. Now she just gets upset when her internet at her facility goes down and she has to talk with me on the phone! I love ViewClix as well because of the post-it notes I can set up as reminders for her and to tell her where we are located as well as speak with staff when they are in her apartment. With the Corona Virus, the ViewClix is a Godsend as her facility is on lock-down and I can no longer visit until further notice. I constantly recommend this to anyone I meet as a way to keep up with family both old and young.

Jennifer A, from Florida
Best gift ever!
Mar 11, 2020
I did a lot of research trying to find a tablet for my mom who’s not tech savvy. I only wanted the tablet for sharing pictures and to do video chats. When I came across the ViewClix tablet I was so excited! It has been over a year since I have this to me my mom and she loves seeing her grand baby when we have our video chats and it’s also so simple to send her pictures.

Donna D, from South Carolina
Beyond Blessed by This Frame
Mar 05, 2020
First of all, let me say that you are a Godsend. My family recently experienced a very tragic situation, and I live several hours away in another state. After spending weeks with them, I needed to return home, but still have a way to check in with my aging parents, who are not tech savvy.
I did an online search, and ViewClix was the first suggestion to come up. I felt led to read your story first, before reading anything else. When I read your founder's story, I felt an instant connection and didn't need to look further. I was blessed with the solution to my dilemma.
I am so happy with this item; and after just 2 weeks of use, I have other family members wanting to buy one for their aging parents. (I sent some referrals you way ; ) I wish the camera had a higher level of megapixels, but it meets the need. The speaker is nice and loud, which is great for those who have hearing problems. The admin interface is very easy and user friendly. I was able to set the frame up and send pictures in no time. I added my brother and his family, who also live out of state, and we've been able to send pictures to the frame regularly,
While those are appreciated, the greatest feature is the ability to do the video chats through the frame. My mom has called me several times on my cell phone, while I'm at the grocery store, in the post office, etc, to ask me to make a video call to the frame so she can show another visiting friend or family member how it works. In addition, she now expects me to video call her every single day; so, this product has been a double blessing, because it has increased and improved our communications. It also gives my parents a sense of peace and comfort, because they can actually see my brother and I, and not just hear us. I can't thank you enough for creating this frame.

Michael B, from New York
Virtually Bring Grandma Along...
Mar 03, 2020
My 92 year old mother moved to another state last year so finding time to take my family of 5 to go see her is extremely limited. But ViewClix allows virtual visits whenever we want. For example, this past Christmas we had mom/grandma connected via her ViewClix frame and our iPad so she could see her grandkids opening the gifts she got them, which was priceless. ViewClix is really the next best thing to being there!

Mark R, from Nevada
Fantastic for my Mom!
Feb 27, 2020
My Mom is in Assisted Living Memory Care. I travel for my job and this product is a god·send! When my mom is having a bad day I can connect with her using the ViewClix. She loves the pictures that I upload for the ViewClix slide show feature.
I was in line to board my flight and ran into a couple that had just placed their Dad in Memory Care. I told them about ViewClix and they watched the demo on their phone while in line. They too were impressed.
Lastly, ViewClix's technical support is Fantastic.
Thank You for a Great Product for the Senior Mom's and Dad's in your family's.
Mark R.

Cathy L, from Nevada
So Valuable!
Feb 25, 2020
The Viewclix system beats all others out there designed for the elderly. My mother has Alzheimer’s and Viewclix is the only one that does not require the my mom to push any button or turn anything on! Viewclix has allowed my family to stay in touch with my mom daily. She is able to see us so it really helps with recognition. She loves to look at all the pictures we post as well. On a scale of 1-10 .... Viewclix is a 10!

Edna Mae H, from 
Love "seeing" my son
Feb 21, 2020
My son bought me the ViewClix when he moved to North Carolina, clear across the country from me, and love our visits which makes him seem much closer. Also enjoy others besides me putting pictures on the frame and seeing them as they go by - - what a wonderful gift it is!! My brothers boys bought their Dad one and now I'm able to also put pictures on his, that he enjoys.

Brad T, from Virginia
Game Changer !!
Feb 17, 2020
This product has provided a whole new world for my 90 year old mom. Our family is all over various states and she can talk live on camera everyday whenever we call. She doesn’t have to do anything but sit down and talk. We all send pictures everyday. GREAT PRODUCT!!

David P, from Massachusetts
Thanks Scott
Jan 31, 2020
I was very impressed with the ViewClix frame. My Mom enjoys seeing pictures from her kids and grandkids as we send them along. Best of all, she doesn’t need to do a thing, something that would be a blessing with other things she tries to operate. But what really impressed me the most was the customer service. I was having some difficulty getting photos from my phone and tablet to send. I accepted it as my end but Scott C wouldn’t let me give up and found a solution. I do appreciate him hanging with me. A great representative for the company.

Van W, from Ohio
Amazing Product
Dec 11, 2019
I use my Viewclix for my mom who recently had to be placed in a nursing home. It has been a great investment. I talk with her 2-3 times per week. It’s so easy and so amazing. We have it set so she is not visible if she doesn’t wish to be. But she gets to see my smiling face, or my office or home or whoever or whatever. I live 500 miles away from her but get the joy of seeing her and she seeing my grinning mug several times within the week. We have it shut off automatically at 10PM so she can get some rest and then 9AM it is back on. I am constantly updating the photos and this really helps to connect her to the rest of the family. Viewclix is so easy and so convenient. A phenomenal investment.

Jane K, from New York
Best gift ever for seniors living far away!
Dec 04, 2019
My 88 year old mother & 86 year old father (use a flip phones) can’t wait for the viewclix to wake up to see their 2 year old great grandson’s (lives in Australia) pictures. They watch/laugh at him all day. Additionally, when they receive a call, they are thrilled to see them on the screen. Every time I speak to my parents they can’t thank me enough for getting this device that keeps them visually/verbally connected to their loved ones. Best of all, they don’t have to touch a thing!

Vickie B, from Iowa
Best Gift Ever!
Nov 27, 2019
The best present I have given my mom and myself. So easy for my 94 year old mother, she just had to be in the room when someone called her. There is nothing for her to do but enjoy the pictures and video chat. This eased my concerns because I could video chat with her and see what she was doing , and how she was. She loved to see our faces instead of just hearing our voices. She would watch the pictures we (6 kids, 17 grandchildren and 26 greats) would download for her to see. She would watch the slideshow instead of tv.
Loved this so much, I just ordered one for mother in law.

Roger M, from Alabama
Nov 26, 2019
By using ViewClix I'm able to communicate with my 93 year old Mom who lives over 300 miles from me through Video chat. I control everything and she loves the fact that we can see, and talk to each other, and she doesn't have to do anything on her end but sit and chat. Then when we are not video chatting, I can send pictures from my phone instantly to the ViewClix Terminal and she can see what the family is up to because it acts as a picture slid show. Great way to communicate with your loved ones from afar,.

Dee H, from Missouri
Life saver
Oct 28, 2019
When we had to make the difficult decision to put my mother who has Alzheimer's in assisted living it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Living 800 miles from her was hard an knowing that moving her would be the wrong decision. At first we tried a flip phone but she just could not get that figured out. Then I was determined to get her the Echo so we could video chat. After lots of research I knew that would not be a good decision because it was touch screen. Then I found Viewclix. This product is amazing. She does not have to do anything. It answers for her and disconnects for her. We were having issues with wi fi at the facility and my dad who is not real computer savvy kept calling tech support. They were very patient with him and walked him through the whole process. This company really cares about there customers and goes out of there way to help them any way they can.

Gary H, from Missouri
Very Happy with ViewClix
Oct 22, 2019
I first purchased a frame for my Mom as she was totally against using technology and we all wanted to send her pictures. She really loves this and shows all her friends. My Dad has dementia so I was concerned about getting him one but we did anyway and he is always talking about it. We posted several old pictures with captions and he seems to really relate to them. I just purchased another for myself since we recently took all pictures down to paint. Instead of loading the walls with picture frames we will encourage our family to post new pictures to the wall. I have also had great service from ViewClix support.

Amy R, from Oregon
Mom LOVES it!
Oct 18, 2019
Mom has Alzheimer's and lives in a memory care facility. I live across the country and tried to call her on the phone twice a week. It became harder and harder to connect with her because she didn't put the phone on the charger, didn't answer it, or confused it with her TV remote. I had to call the nurse's station to ask them to get her to pick up the phone.
Before my recent visit, I told my husband and kids that I needed them to design me a system where I could video chat with her through her TV (she loves video chats when other family members are with her and can facilitate a call). I wanted to be able to video chat with her without her having to do anything. My son decided to see if there was anything available out of the box, and ViewClix came up on the top of his Google search. It was all that I wanted and more so I ordered one to be waiting for me to install during my next visit. I was very excited but tried not to get my hopes up too much.
The whole experience of using ViewClix has been exceptional. Ordering was easy and delivery was fast. Setting it up was really simple and especially so with an ethernet cable. I set it up across the room so there would be no cords to trip on, and in order to have it aimed at Mom I propped the stand on a small pad of note paper. I set it so that she doesn't need to do anything to answer a video call, and set the sleep time from 9 PM to 9 AM to give her privacy.
Mom loved the screen from the very start. To have an internet-connected slideshow on a high quality screen with captions is worth the price to begin with. The video calls are a big hit and make those of us who do not live nearby feel that much more connected. With the slideshow set at the maximum 15 seconds per slide, Mom has time to read the captions and look at the photos.
While I was visiting Mom, she repeatedly said how much she likes the ViewClix and how happy she is with it.
The sticky notes are a feature that I didn't realize would be so useful. When I was visiting, I would put up a note saying that I would be picking her up for a particular outing at a certain time. Then when I called the staff to ask them to get her ready for our outing, she was more willing to get cleaned up and dressed for the outing because she was looking forward to it. When I left for home, I put up a note saying goodbye and what a nice visit we had, along with a photo of me waving goodbye. I think that helped avoid confusion of why I wasn't showing up to visit as I had been every day of my visit.
Dennis R. at ViewClix customer support is tremendously responsive and answers my questions about slideshow timing, video call volume, and photo rotation promptly and effectively.
I can't say enough good about the ViewClix and how it helps improve my mom's quality of life. The husband of another resident in Mom's memory care unit has already bought a ViewClix for his wife, and many of my friends are waiting to see how ours worked out before they order one for their loves ones.
The ViewClix has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for helping make a tragic disease a little more bearable!

Jayne D, from Indiana
Best gift ever!!!
Oct 14, 2019
We got this for mom and she frequently says this is the best gift we ever got her - and we agree! Every day I talk to her on the phone and she will interrupt to tell me about what picture she is currently viewing and how sweet it is. She enjoyed looking it while still living at home, but now that she is in Assisted Living, it gives her something to do all day - she's always watching it whenever she is in her room - and she feels in touch with her family.
From a user standpoint - it is so easy to add pictures and we like the fact that we can add names and titles, as her memory is slipping and it's difficult to keep track of the 19 great-grandkids that change in looks as they grow. Customer Service was so helpful in getting started and they have been quick to respond the few times we had any questions.

Ivan P, from Florida
Great product, great company
Oct 08, 2019
The frame itself is awesome, my grandma loves it, super easy to use, almost no input needed from her side. But the company itself is the best part of the story. My frame got damaged during transport, they where supercool, replaced it immediately. Big thnx to Dennis from customer support.
Five stars from me!

Morris S, from Missouri
Talk to your loved one
Oct 04, 2019
This is must have video/talk device for anyone who has a loved one in a assisted living facility. You are able to talk and see them just by having this great machine. If they are disabled or they can not understand how a phone works then all you do is push a button on your cell phone then talk and see them. This brings much happiness to both of you. THANK YOU ViewClix for letting me own one of these machines.

Wendy R, from Washington
Service above and beyond
Oct 01, 2019
We bought the Viewclix for my father that has late-stage dementia, and had to be put in a memory care facility. The first Viewclix we had was the MIni, and it had a slight glitch with it. The company was very responsive to identify the problem, and work to get us a new one. Before they sent the replacement, we asked if we could upgrade to the bigger model. They did the new order with no problems. Their customer service is top notch! I would recommend this product, not only for the value it adds to any family with a loved one experiencing any kind of memory problem; but for the integrity of the company that stands behind it.

Carol V, from California
Note of Appreciation
Aug 28, 2019
I want to add a note of appreciation for making this product available. We thought it sounded like a great idea for their 2018 Christmas gift. Little did we know how much it would come to mean to them. As I find their old photos, I've scanned them so they can remember and share their past stories. The ability to add captions to each photo reminds them of family member's names, and identifies us to the caregivers as well. When we have new things blooming in our garden or have an interesting photo taken at work or on the ranch, we can put that up easily and quickly. The "notes" feature allows us to say "happy birthday" or just "thinking of you."
I really believe it has aided their memory and improved cognitive function... and it has given caregivers and medical personnel something to see and discuss with them. The social interaction with caregivers has been so much more positive. It allows them to see beyond the two frail old ladies they're caring for, and remember they were two active gals with many interests and experiences. I didn't consider this potential benefit when we set it up. Now that I know this, I choose photos that might spark conversation, too.

Sharon A, from New Jersey
Best Gift I Ever Gave My Mother
Aug 13, 2019
My mom (in her 90s) could never manage a computer to use Skype, but she was able to answer video calls and loved it! It kept us New Jerseyites in touch with her in Florida. If we or the grandchildren did something special, we sent her pictures and were able to label them (sometimes with funny captions) to let her know what was up. I drove the frame to her brother's here in Jersey and called her. They were able to see each other for the first time in 10 years. They both cried and so did we. This was the best gift I ever gave my mother. Thank you.

Al C, from New York
Almost Granny proof video chat
Jul 17, 2019
I started out getting Grandma an iPad for facetime/skype... it was a lost cause. I needed something without any menus or buttons etc, and ViewClix was one of the very few solutions out there.
However there are some quirks that I'm hoping will get ironed out:
I had to get external speakers (which is another thing to power on and plug in) because the builtins were not loud enough and had to position them just right to prevent the mic feedback. It would maybe help if the builtin speakers were forward facing.
It would be useful if there was a wake up feature separate from the sleep settings, like when a call comes in.
Also going directly into receive call mode after being plugged in would make it easy to move the thing without fiddling with the remote.
For privacy for Granny it would be good to have an obvious mechanical video cam cover that she could easily open and close when not in use. The cam quality and the display itself could always be better.
Otherwise this thing is great. I recommended it to two of my friends, and would buy it again. Thanks for allowing me to see my Granny that lives in another state whenever I want! She loves it as well.

Morris S, from Missouri
Thank you note
Jun 20, 2019
I want to thank you for just letting us have one of these wonderful video/talk devices. It has made it possible for me to get away for a short time.
I can check on my wife any time, talk to her if she is in her room. My daughter and I think this is the greatest thing for anyone who has some one in a assisted living facility. Makes it so easy to check on them.
Once again , I thank you.
Morris S

Michael A, from California
ViewClix Review
Jun 16, 2019
I purchased ViewClix for a disabled friend who resides in a nursing home 430 miles away from me in Southern California. She has friends in New York and Alabama who also wanted to be in contact with her, but she was unable to use a portable phone so we thought this would be a good idea. The device came promptly and was easy to set up. I loaded pictures as did her two other friends and we tested the calling feature - it all worked perfectly. Any questions we had were quickly answered
I drove down with the device to see if our friend could use it. I knew there was a 30 day return policy so I made sure I got to see her well before the 30 day period was up. Unfortunately, our friend's physical limitations had progressed to the point where she was unable to turn her head to see the device on a nearby table. That was disappointing, but unfortunately there was no way to tell from a distance exactly how this was going to work, so I was prepared for it. I came back north and called ViewClix and they were very helpful and sent the return authorization by email. It was very easy to return and the only deduction was $20- $10 shipping each way to and from their offices.
I feel this device is an excellent product and will keep it in mind for future possibilities. Michael A.

Starla S, from Virginia
grateful and thankful
Jun 05, 2019
This is the best purchase I have made in YEARS! For the life of me I could not teach my mom how to use a smart phone! (Maybe it was the teacher! ha) She lives alone and while spending a few weeks with her the beginning of the year I came across ViewClix. It seemed too easy ... too simple. But after reading reviews I jumped in and bought her one. WOW! Easy, Simple, Fast and AMAZING. She is absolutely thrilled that she can now receive video calls from her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids! It has made such a difference in her every day life! She also looks so forward to the new pictures that pop-up on her screen every other day or so from all of us. She feels more included and in touch with the entire family. She lives and TN and we are spread from VA to KY to WA to ... we are military so no telling where some of us will live from year-to-year! But ViewClix has made it possible for her to see and know that her family is thinking about her, missing her and want her included in all we do. What a blessing. Wish I found it sooner, but grateful and thankful we have it now!

Aixa S, from New Jersey
Thanks Viewclix
May 29, 2019
My name is Aixa. I am from Spain but I live now in Union City, New Jersey.
Since my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer a year ago, and taking into account that she lives by herself, I felt that she needed to be always active such as talking to people, friends and family.
She never went to school, and so she does not read or write, and making telephone calls was a big burden for her.
A year ago, I searched for so many days to find something that could allow me to call her and see her without her doing anything but just be ready for interaction. My prayers found the answer at the time: Viewclix.
It has been a year ago and my mom’s condition is stable and doctors, friends and family are so impressed that they stated that Viewclix has help her not be isolated anymore.
And it is so true. She has the Viewclix in her living room. She loves the fact that she can see every day new photos and of course, talking and see families. Viewclix has become so part of her life, that If someone calls to her landline or cellphone, she says "please, call me on my "televisor-telefono" which is the name she has given to Viewclix.
Viewclix has help me to remind her about her medications and I also call her when in Spain is time for lunch or dinner, and while she is eating, I interact with her and she feels I am there with her.
She likes it so much, that I have decided to order another Viewclix just in case, something happens the one she has because now she depends on Viewclix.
I just have to say to Rob and his wife and the whole Viewclix, team, "Thank you, thank you and thank you" for thinking about our senior citizens.
And thank you and thank you for making Viewclix to work anywhere in the world.
Yours truly,

Fred S, from Florida
Best Purchase I Have Ever Made
May 07, 2019
I moved from Massachusetts to Florida a few years ago and one of my biggest regrets is moving far away from my sister who is mentally and physically disabled. She is in her 50's, and as kind as can be. My wife and I have called her once a week since 2014 but speaking on the phone is not like a visit. I saw ViewClix on the web and decided to give it a try. I wanted our interactions to be more meaningful and fun.
Through the help of State agencies my sister lives with a family who cares for her. Using a computer to skype was too complicated for it to be set up on a regular basis. ViewClix solved this challenge since it was so easy to set up and SO simple to use! Her privacy is insured and only designated people can press the "button" to call in. My other sister and brother are hooked up to speak with her, and we have loaded it up with family pictures and funny subjects. Our parents are deceased but now my sister has nice memories of them, thanks to the rotating pictures.
The screen's resolution is fantastic and my sister can see us well even though she is vision impaired. The audio is excellent too. My wife and I just use one of our cell phones, press the pre-loaded app and voila, instant visit. The smile on her face brings tears to my eyes.
Next month we will be in Scotland, and can still easily make the ViewClix call with Wi-Fi. It is really that simple!
I have also experienced wonderful customer service. Initially, when it arrived the screen was cracked. (I guess the USPS got a bit carried away.) I called Dennis immediately and he apologized for this rare event. All he asked me to do was take a picture of the damage and send it to him. He then instantly solved the matter by sending me another ViewClix, which I received a few days later.
I can't say enough about ViewClix the company and ViewClix the product. They care and it shows. I would not give this type of review if it were not completely true. It has made a big difference in my life and in my sister's life. It truly was one of my most meaningful purchases...ever!

Deborah N, from Maryland
Dad Loves This!
Apr 22, 2019
My dad is in a nursing home and loves the frame! He loves the slideshow!! It's so helpful because I can load photos with names, ages, dates and events. It helps him remember and I think that makes him feel better. The photos make him laugh. He doesn't even seem to watch his television anymore he just watches the slideshow, He smiles and laughs as he watches it over and over. I LOVE that we can add the captions.

Tamara L, from Texas
ViewClix is working out great!
Apr 02, 2019
We received this note from our caregiver and wanted to share with everyone.
"To say that Joe is enjoying the ViewClix is an understatement. I truly think this is his lifeline now. I find him standing and watching it often, and he points out to me the various new pictures when they show up. I really believe this means a lot to him." --Cheryl R., primary caregiver for Joe, 96.

Francine Q, from Exeter, UK
Thank you, Great concept
Mar 28, 2019
I just wanted to say what a great concept the Viewclix frame is and to thank you and the creators.
My father is 85, living on his own in sheltered accommodation in London. He has Parkinson's disease, gets confused easily and is very frail. He doesn't have family closeby - one sister is on the other side of London, the second lives in Tenerife (Canary Islands, off North Africa) and I am travelling long-term with my husband in a motorhome currently in Morocco.
Before we left the UK, we set up the ViewClix frame. Dad was worried about which buttons he had to press and what he had to do. We told him he just had to be sitting in the right place and he was visibly relieved! Knowing that we were going to be away for quite some time, I had looked at various ways to "keep in touch with seniors". There is no way that he could have coped with any of the other options.
He was very excited to receive video calls from his brother and sister, who both live in Trinidad (where he was born). It's so wonderful that they could chat face to face, as I doubt that he will ever be able to visit them again.
I now Viewclix with him every day ("ViewClix" is now a verb amongst our family!). He had a mobility problem recently and, whilst he was waiting for the emergency care providers to respond, I was able to keep him company (via the frame) until they came and then speak with them too.
In short, I've been extoling the virtues of ViewClix to everyone. So thanks once again for this amazing technology!

Joy  G, from Kentucky
Perfect for us.
Mar 25, 2019
The ViewClix frame is great. Everything you think it can do, it does it. My mother-n-law has Alzheimer's so in our situation, it has worked out great. She forgotten how to use a phone because of the disease, but with the smart frame, we click on the included app and it makes the call and answers by itself on her end. She doesn't have to do anything at all, and we just start a conversation. Everyone in the family can call her from anywhere in the world with a clear picture on both sides. When not in use she can sit and watch a slideshow of pictures of the family or any picture that we can upload to the frame from anywhere. Its very simple to use for all of us. Well worth the price for peace of mind of a loved one.

Julie F, from Maine
We Love ViewClix
Mar 17, 2019
My dad is 101 and lives in an independent/assisted living facility. We have a very large extended family spread across the country with many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My dad is basically chair bound and has mild short term memory loss so it is hard for him to manage or learn how to use new devices. We looked for a way to stay in touch and communicate with him that was simple and easy for him to use. ViewClix fits the bill!. The extended family members all have access to ViewClix on an app on their phones and are able to upload lots of family photos that he enjoys viewing from his chair. Those of us who live in the area, post notes on the ViewClix frame, letting him know if we are going to visit during the day or as a reminder of an event that might be happening. This also allows the staff to see when we might be visiting. And best of all, all of us can call him and have a video call at any time and he doesn't have to do or touch anything. The call goes through automatically. If he is not there/at an activity, we see that he is not in his chair and we hang up. We can also talk with his staff who come for overnight care and see how things went during the night. We have also engaged the staff of the facility who also use ViewClix to call my Dad -- and let him know of activities during the day or to find out what he may need/want when he pushes his call button. The simplicity of this device is fantastic -- not only for my Dad -- but for those of us (his children) who have to set it up. It's very EASY. We highly recommend this to others in similar situations.

Sari O, from Idaho
The Perfect Gift
Mar 09, 2019
Our mother was very excited to receive her new ViewClix and has not stopped talking about it since. She is thrilled when a family member uploads new photos and says this is the best gift she's ever received. She tells us that she finds herself standing in the living room watching the photos change with a huge smile on her face. So glad we bought this for her. It works perfectly!

Luann M, from Florida
Homebound parents can now share the memories
Mar 07, 2019
My parents are aging, in their late 80s now. Mobility is an issue, so they are homebound. They always traveled to see family and had large gatherings annually. They are no longer able to travel. Having the ViewClix frame really brought joy and quality back to their lives. They finally met their great-grandchild and get to watch him grow up. They couldn't operate a smart phone or Facebook so the slideshow keeps them up to date. It's so easy to add pictures to share with them. The whole family participates. And being about to see them allows me to notice any changes in their conditions I might not detect otherwise. We loved it so much that we bought a second one for my aunt. Thank you ViewClix.

Larry E, from Oregon
ViewClix review
Mar 07, 2019
I purchased the ViewClix to help my 90-year-old parents on the East Coast stay in touch with me on the West Coast and grandkids in Dallas. We have used the ViewClix to post photos and do video calls. The Video call function has work especially well for us. While it is much like FaceTime on an iPhone my parents don’t have to deal With a cell phone on their end. The ViewClix does require that it be connected to Wi-Fi. While that has not been a problem for us, some seniors may need assistance with initial connection even though it is pretty straightforward. Viewclicks customer service has been good And the viewer quality is very good so far. I would have given the view clicks a five rating but I would like it to be able to post short video clips in addition to photos. I understand they may be working to add such a function

Karson S, from New Jersey
Amazing product!
Mar 06, 2019
I can’t say enough positive things about this product! We purchased it for my 93-year-old grandmother who lives alone. The ViewClix frame allows her to remain connected to her family that live in different states. We video call with her and send pictures to her frame daily, and she has repeatedly said that the ViewClix is the best gift she has ever received. She loves that she can see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren growing up through this frame, even being miles away. The customer service is excellent also - Dennis has always responded quickly and professionally with any questions we have had. Thank you, ViewClix, for a superior product!

Julie C, from California
Best Gift For Mom
Mar 06, 2019
I purchased the ViewClix mini for my mom last October and have found it to do exactly what is is advertised to do. Set up was a breeze and it is so easy for the administrator or users to upload photos with captions and to post notes to help mom remember events, etc. I routinely post pictures from social media that other family has posted. I can do everything right from my phone and mom never has to touch the ViewClix. We keep it right next to her recliner so she doesn’t have to remember to look at the calendar. The drop in calling feature also works seemlessly! Mom just has to be by the ViewClix or hear it and we are there for her to talk to. I had a few questions early on and always received very quick responses to my questions! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to stay closely connected to a senior who is not able to work a smart phone or computer. ViewClix has been a real blessing for our family!

Heidi L, from Oregon
Mar 05, 2019
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! My mom is living on her own for the first time ever, and it has been an awesome way to stay connected with her and to help her not feel so alone. Our family has set up a schedule to check in with her daily, and she loves it!
The pictures are a great addition, too. We constantly add more and she loves to see what we are all up to.
The sticky notes have come in handy also.
It is great how easy it is for her and how easy it is for us to set up and maintain. I tell everyone I know who have elderly parents about it.
I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Zelmi M, from Virginia
So far my mother loves it
Feb 26, 2019
So far my 78 y/o mother with Alzheimer loves it. I am really happy that it answers on her end without her having to do anything. This allows me to check in on her day or night. This function holds her nursing home a little more accountable as they know I can check in at anytime, even if I am across the country. I am having trouble with the nursing home to allow it on their main Wifi instead of the guest Wifi. This creates issues when the ViewClix gets kicked off the guest Wifi. This is not a ViewClix problem but a nursing home issue.

Elaine M, from Minnesota
Thank you!
Feb 24, 2019
We had a Viewclix frame for my Mom, until she died last August --4 days shy of 98 years old.
I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. I talked to my Mom every day using Viewclix. It was wonderful that she didn't even need to push a button with her arthritic hands tso we could converse.
My Mom was hearing impaired, so we're glad to see the upgrade for speakers or headphones on the latest versions. Thanks for listening!
Also like the idea of the new sticky notes.. Great reminders for the recipient as well as any staff.
Your product is completely secure, because permission and a password are needed to use it. No unwanted advertising calls or pop-ups!
We reviewed a couple other products before we bought Viewclix. None of them had the thoughtful features Viewclix has. Thanks again for making my Mom's last days much more pleasant.

Joanne S, from Florida
Love my ViewClix
Feb 14, 2019
I LOVE my ViewClix!
Without a computer, it allows me to see my grandchildren in Ohio and Australia. This is a wonderful machine! As a senior citizen, I really appreciate the Machine

Sarah W, from Texas
Life Changing!
Jan 18, 2019
just wanted to say THANK YOU for this product. My dad has dementia and even though we’ve only had this set up for a few days, I can see that this is going to be LIFE CHANGING for him and for us as caregivers. My whole family (who are spread out across the country) have been able to jump in on video calls and check in on him, helping him feel less isolated and me feel
less worried. It’s truly just what we needed - I can already feel my stress level over worrying about him going down.
Thank you again for making this product.

Joan S, from Kansas
It has been the best gift ever!
Jan 02, 2019
The family bought the large frame for our Mom/Grandmother for her 80th Birthday in October 2017. It has been the best gift ever! She has Alzheimer's, and electronics present a particular problem. I made a video call from Ireland and gave her a castle tour. The video was great! We all have the app on our phones. Whenever someone takes a good picture, we load it right onto her frame. We set it to go off at 10:00 pm and come on at 7:00 am. She watches the frame like TV often. The pictures are so clear; nothing like the old digital frames. We can rearrange or remove pictures remotely from our computer. The only thing I havent figured out is how to put a folder of saved in the menu onto the frame to change things up. I am sure I just need to work on it. I highly suggest this frame. It has made Mom so happy to see all of the Grandkids and her first Great Grandson all day, every day!