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Are Grandchildren the Key to Happier Aging?

  •   June 25, 2024
  •  Senior Living Tips 

Maintaining a relationship with grandchildren can have immense benefits for seniors. Not only can they experience the joy of the relationship, this can also help reduce loneliness and help provide a sense of purpose for the senior. Read this blog post to see how building a relationship with grandchildren can have many benefits for seniors. 

Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia: What Families Should Know

  •   April 24, 2024
  •  Senior living articles 

Reminiscence Therapy can be an effective tool to help individuals living with dementia. Learn how Reminiscence Therapy can improve emotional well-being, increase communication and help your loved one maintain their personal identity. 

Easily Schedule Reminders for your Senior

  •   April 10, 2024
  •  ViewClix tips 

In our increasinly busy lives, filled with work, family commitments, and countless appointments, everyone could use a helping hand with reminders, especially seniors. ViewClix's Sticky Note feature offers a non-intrusive way for families to schedule reminders and send notes to their senior loved ones. Read this blog post to learn how the Sticky Note feature can help your senior loved one stay organized and provide families with peace of mind. 

Understanding the Early Signs of Dementia

  •   March 7, 2024
  •  Senior living articles 

Understanding the early signs of dementia can help seniors and their families get the support they need. Early intervention is key in helping create a care plan to live a full and happy life. Dementia can present itself in many different ways and in this blog post we'll discuss certain signs to be mindful of. 

Watch Now: How to Manage ViewClix Settings

  •   Feb. 29, 2024
  •  ViewClix tips 

ViewClix's remote management makes the Smart Frames easy for your senior loved one! The Frame Organizer can change the Settings at any time from anywhere and nothing has to be done at the frame. This provides seniors with a hands-off and frustration free experience. Finally, there is an easy way for seniors to enjoy technology without the hassles and technical knowhow required.

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