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Fighting Dementia with ViewClix

  •   May 10, 2021
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1 and 3 seniors will die with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia. Keeping the brain engaged is critical to fighting dementia. ViewClix frames allow families to share visual memories and easily stay connected. The ViewClix features are designed for seniors of all cognitive levels and are senior friendly. 

ViewClix is Focused on Family Privacy

  •   May 6, 2021
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Privacy is a core principal for ViewClix. ViewClix enables families to have secure, private connections with their senior loved ones. This protects seniors from the common traps of spam phone calls and phishing, giving families peace of mind. 

Sharing Memories with the ViewClix Slideshow

  •   April 22, 2021
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ViewClix frames allow for families to easily share photos to their senior loved ones. The ViewClix Slideshow allows for seniors to enjoy photos without the hassle of learning how to access or open the photos. Family members can add captions to make the photos more interactive for the senior and tell them who is in the photo. 

Introduction to ViewClix Video Calling

  •   March 15, 2021
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Video calling use has rapidly accelerated but for some users it can be a daunting task. ViewClix video calling allows for a hassle-free experience for seniors and is convenient for their families. With no training required for seniors, this allows a new generation to reap the benefits of video calling. 

ViewClix Highlighted by The New York Times

  •   Nov. 25, 2020
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ViewClix was recently highlighted by the New York Times as simple way to video call this holiday season. ViewClix Smart Frames allow families to stay in touch with their senior loved ones, while the senior does not have to learn any technology. Make video calls, share pictures, or send reminders by using the ViewClix Member Portal or the ViewClix Mobile App.