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Interview with ViewClix about All-New Smart Frames

  •   March 7, 2023
  •  Company news 

ViewClix co-founder Dennis Ranck sits down with Fred Fiskin from Techstination to discuss ViewClix's all-new Smart Frames and plans for the future of ViewClix. 

Sundowning and Dementia, what is it?

  •   March 1, 2023
  •  Senior Living Tips 

Sundown syndrome is a common issue for those living with dementia. Sundowning can lead to feelings of confusion, agitation, and relentless during the early evening. Helping your senior stay orientated and other tips can help your senior with sundowning. 

Video Calling and Dementia

  •   Jan. 12, 2023
  •  ViewClix tips 

Prior to ViewClix, there were no options available for families to video call with their senior loved ones who have dementia or memory loss. With ViewClix, families now have a simple solution that allows them to video call their senior loved ones from anywhere, without any training required for the senior. 

The easiest way to share memories

  •   April 27, 2022
  •  ViewClix tips 

Sharing photos can bring a whirlwind of memories back to us. ViewClix makes sharing these memories easier than ever. With just a few clicks, the photos will arrive to the seniors ViewClix frame in minutes. Share on the go with the ViewClix Mobile App or use a computer/laptop to share. 

Other photo frames can fall short, see what sets ViewClix apart from the rest. 

You've hired a caregiver, now what?

  •   March 3, 2022
  •  Senior Living Tips 

You've gone through the interview process and hired a caregiver for your senior loved one. Read this blog post for tips on getting started with your new caregiver and creating a successful Care Plan.