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ViewClix | How It Works

How ViewClix Works

Not only is ViewClix incredibly easy for seniors to enjoy, it's perfect for family members with on-the-go lifestyles that want to keep in touch more frequently.

With ViewClix, family members can easily Share Pictures, enjoy live Video Calls, and post Sticky Notes to the ViewClix frame.

The primary operating mode of a ViewClix frame is to display its Slideshow, sequencing through pictures that have been shared by family or friends. When a Video Call is received, the Slideshow is hidden during the call. After the call is ended, the Slideshow automatically starts displaying again.


The ViewClix Smart Frame is easy to set up and use -- there is no power switch. Beautiful high-definition pictures are displayed within a minute of plugging into a power outlet.

The ViewClix Smart Frame includes built in Wi-Fi for connecting to the Internet.

  • Wi-Fi setup:  The included remote control is used to select the network name (SSID) and enter the password.
  • Locations without Wi-Fi:  If Wi-Fi is not available, we recommend using a mobile data hotspot. MORE INFO
    Hotspot devices and plans are available from most mobile service providers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.).

After setup, the ViewClix Smart Frame is always connected ready for new pictures to be shared or video chat with family.

  • Pictures are all stored ViewClix Cloud and storage is UNLIMITED.
  • Whenever a new picture is shared, the ViewClix Smart Frame receives an instant notification to automatically download and display it.

ViewClix Organizer

To make the ViewClix Smart Frame an easy and fun experience for all, a family member or friend needs to do a small amount of organizing and administration.

Remote Management

  • The Organizer can log in to the ViewClix Cloud with any web browser using a notebook or tablet.
  • Examples of frame remote settings: how long each Slideshow picture is displayed, whether the ViewClix Smart Frame goes to "sleep" during late night hours or if the frame should auto-answer video calls.

Photo Organization

  • Upload initial pictures to the ViewClix Cloud
  • Manage the picture Slideshow of the ViewClix Smart Frame including archiving and rearranging pictures.

Invitations & Sharing

The ViewClix Mobile App provides a secure connection with one or more ViewClix Smart Frames to share pictures and make video calls.

ViewClix Mobile App

  • The app runs on nearly all smart phones or tablets and is downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores.


Share List

  • Each ViewClix Smart Frame has a secure 'Share List' with names and email addresses.
  • Everyone that's authorized to share pictures and make video calls with the Frame are on the Share List.

Signing Up -- it couldn't be easier.

  • The frame's Organizer adds a family member to the Share List and they're emailed an invitation link.
  • As soon as the link is followed, that person is automatically activated to start sharing using the ViewClix mobile app.

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