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When to Hire a Caregiver

  •   Oct. 14, 2021
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Hiring an in-home caregiver to help a senior loved one is a big step to take for many families. We are so used to being independent and managing things on our own, that it can be hard to admit we need help. This is the same for seniors, as they will find it difficult to admit they need help to family. We'll feel guilt or maybe feel like we've failed because we can no longer manage this on our own. Families may not have the time or be close enough to assist their senior loved ones. Accepting that we need help is part of the process and once we get over this hurdle of admitting we/they need help, you can then start to address their needs. 

Many families wonder, when is the right time to bring in a caregiver for their senior loved one? We'll often wait till there is a significant event or a breaking point have been reached to finally have this discussion. It is best not to wait, but this happens everyday for families. 

Here are 8 signs to help your family determine if you may need to hire a caregiver to help your senior loved one. 

  1. You feel rundown, depressed, or overwhelmed when taking care of your loved one.
  2. You find yourself worrying about them constantly because you cannot be there to help them.
  3. Your own physical health has started to decline because of this stress.
  4. You worry you may hurt yourself helping your loved one.
    • Caregiving has many physical tasks that if not done with proper technique, can lead to injuries for the caregiver or the senior. Getting someone out of bed, into the car, helping navigate stairs, etc. are all physically demanding tasks.
  5. Simple tasks now turn into fights.
    • These may be over the phone or in person. A senior may not want to go to their doctor appointments, shower, or take their medicine. Playing "good cop" and "bad cop" by yourself is draining. Having a caregiver there to play bad cop while you play good cop, can help families navigate difficult conversations. 
  6. Your loved one cannot leave the house safely on their own.
    • Socialization is critical for humans no matter the age. Staying inside will only cause their illness to progress faster. A caregiver can help them get out of the house and this will improve the senior's quality of life. Taking them to the park, local senior activities, out to lunch or coffee will bring them joy, even if they resist at first. 
  7. "Me" time no longer exists. 
    • Caregiving is a full-time job and many family members can feel trapped. As important as socialization for your loved one is, it is equally important for yourself. Having a caregiver can allow you to have some "me" time. It's important to see friends, enjoy hobbies, and take vacations. 
  8. You no longer feel like the spouse, son, daughter, grandchild, or friend. 
    • It is not uncommon to feel like the chauffer, nurse, task manager, or cook when helping your loved one. Hiring a caregiver to help with these tasks can allow you to resume your relationship with your loved ones. Family bonds and maintaining that love and connection is important.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to consider hiring a caregiver. 

This is Part 1 of ViewClix's three part series on helping families navigate hiring a caregiver. 

ViewClix frames are the best way for families to stay in touch with their senior loved ones and can be a great assist to caregivers. The frames will allow families to stay connected with their senior and build strong bonds. Building these relationships will improve your senior's quality of life and bring them happiness. 

Cathy Ranck was an in-home caregiver for over a decade with multiple families. She has an intimate knowledge of the do's and dont's of senior caregiving. Her caregiving experience has been critical in the design of the ViewClix frames, allowing them to be senior and family friendly. She still works with seniors daily and has a personal goal to spread joy and love to seniors and their families. 

If you or someone you know has questions or needs guidance with senior care, please do not hesitate to reach out:

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