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The Power of the ViewClix Cloud

  •   Aug. 29, 2018
  •  ViewClix tips 

When most people think of Cloud services they think of online storage. While the ViewClix cloud does store your pictures, it does a lot more to make sure your frame is running smoothly and ready for any new pictures, video calls, or sticky notes. 

Your frame is connected to the cloud 24/7 and the cloud is running a Health-Check on your frame's diagnostics in the background. If the cloud detects any issues with the frame, it will instantly leap into action and automatically try to remedy the issue. The cloud is smart enough to fix a multitude of issues without any help from the Frame Organizer. Our cloud is has the ability to reset the frame and reestablish internet connection all by itself. 

The ViewClix Cloud will also provide our dedicated Support Agents with instant feedback and reports to help them remedy issues that the frame is having. Additionally, the Cloud will automatically update the software on your frame. 

As many know, phones and tablets are constantly needing to be manually updated to keep their Operating Software (OS) up-to-date. If a phone or tablet isn't updated regularly, some critical functions may stop working. Will the same thing happen to your ViewClix Smart Frame?

NO! As long as your ViewClix Smart Frame remains connected to the internet, the frames OS will automatically update. No need to restart your frame or reset it. ViewClix will take care of this update for you and your Senior! ViewClix developers are constantly pushing updates to your frame to increase efficiency, stability, and add new features.

What about the ViewClix App? 

The free ViewClix App is also receiving frequent updates and new versions are released to both Apple and Android app stores. Depending on your phone's settings, your ViewClix App may or may not automatically update. Review your phones App Update settings to choose to automatically update or manually update your apps.