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Keeping in touch with 13 Grandchildren

  •   Oct. 13, 2017
  •  ViewClix testimonials 

We recently heard from Paul and LaVada about how their ViewClix Smart Frame helps them connect more frequently with their 6 children and 13 grandchildren.

Paul wrote:

"We have a large family and keeping up with our six kids and 13 grandkids is a challenge. The ViewClix Frame provides a simple method for each of our kids to send us the latest pictures of family activities and the grandkids antics. We often get updates the day they happen. The video call feature has also increased the number of calls we get. We don't have to set up a schedule, get computers on line, etc. We just have to be home when one of our kids places a ViewClix call. We say hello, and we're connnected by video. We're protected because the only folks who can call us are the people who we have given access to our ViewClix."

Our objective here at ViewClix is to help families stay together, it is great to hear the Smart Frame is helping Paul and LaVada.