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ViewClix is hassle-free, what does that mean?

  •   July 19, 2021
  •  Company news 

ViewClix frames are designed for any family looking to stay in touch with their senior loved ones without the hassles that come with most modern technology. Because of the simplicity of the design and features, this brings technology to an entire generation who may not have been able to connect previously. ViewClix frames are manages remotely by family, and this makes the experience hassle-free for the senior.

What does a hassle-free experience mean?

  • No email or phone numbers required for the senior.
  • ViewClix frames come preconfigured to the purchaser's ViewClix account, so there is no logging into the frame. Just connect to WIFI and you are ready to start sharing.
  • No app logins or downloads required. All features are pre-loaded onto the frame.
  • The Auto-Answer feature means there is no input required from the senior to receive a video call. After a loud ring to announce the call, the calls will connect automatically.
  • Remotely manage the frame from anywhere. The Frame Organizer can invite friends and family to connect with the frame, manage photos and change frame settings all without needing to be present with the frame. 
  • Because the frames are remotely managed, this means there is no training or teaching required for the senior.
  • Automatic updates powered by the ViewClix Cloud. Frames will update in the background automatically and there is no input needed from the senior or the Frame Organizer. 

ViewClix frames connect 100,000+ family and friends to their senior loved ones. Read their reviews HERE and see why ViewClix a leader in senior technology. 

ViewClix frames are in-stock and available now! Visit our secure shop page ( to place your order and start connecting with your senior loved one.