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Help Your Senior Avoid Scam Calls with ViewClix

  •   May 27, 2021
  •  Company news 

Open up your phone's recent call log and it is probably filled with scam phone calls. You receive a phone call from an unknown number claiming you owe money or are in trouble. These calls persist even after placing your number on the "no call list."

You've probably grown accustomed to ignoring these calls, but these scam calls can be very scary for seniors. When a senior is living on a fixed budget and they receive a call saying they owe thousands of dollars, this can cause a panic. Or if a senior has cognitive decline, these calls can cause confusion and be frightening.

Although ViewClix is not intended to replace a phone, we've had customers report that they've reduced or eliminated spam calls by focusing on ViewClix video calls. Only approved friends and family will be able to share and video call the ViewClix frame. This gives the Frame Organizer control and ensures video calls are a safe and private experience. 

"So how does the Share List work?"

The purchaser of the ViewClix frame is by default the Frame Organizer. They are the gatekeeper for the frame and in addition to controlling the Share List, they also control the frame's settings. Using the Member Portal ( or the free ViewClix Mobile App, the Organizer will add family member's name and email to the Share List. 

Once added to the Share List, the family member automatically be sent a welcome email that will have instructions and a link to set up their own ViewClix account. After they've created their account and password, they'll be able to login and start sharing immediately. 

"What if I need to remove someone from the Share List?"

Removing a user is as simple as adding a user. Click the Trash Can icon next to their name on the Share List and this will remove their access. Add and remove users from the Share List at anytime with just a few clicks. 

"Can I give family more access?"

Yes, you can grant users the permission to use the Sticky Notes feature and to manage the frame's Slideshow of photos. Click the Green Icon next to their name and make your selection to grant these permissions.

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